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Milky Nails Are Trending, Here Are Some Ideas to Try ASAP

Milky Nails Are Trending

Are we the only ones or is the current nail art fad quite refined lately? Do not get us wrong, give us all the lucite and holographic nail ideas because your nail art is literally jaw-dropping, but do not ever forget that there is beauty in simplicity and they are a lot simpler to DIY. An example of where we are going with this is milky nails.

This yellowy off-white nail trend is proof that a single-colored manicure doesn't have to be boring. So whether you want a phone with a full milky manicure or get lifted (malady French Manicure, anyone?), you're sure to find a style that suits you. Here's a collection of our favorite milky nail inspirations.

Enter milky nails, or a manicure all about nail color rather than nail art. It is a minimal yet chic, falling smack in the middle of opaque white and sheer white. Spotted by its name, the completed look resembles a tall glass of milk, whether you want full or non-dairy.

Milky nails are something that are on the rise and they are becoming more and more popular. They are basically nails that have a very pale appearance and they sometimes look like they are made out of milk. Some people love them because they think that they look very elegant and classy, while others find them a bit too weird. Either way, these nails definitely have their own appeal and people seem to be really enjoying wearing them lately. 

Milky nails are a condition in which nails become discolored and brittle. The nails may also become dry and inflamed. Milky nails can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, UV exposure, and certain medications. Treatment typically involves avoiding the factors that led to the condition, using topical treatments, and/or corticosteroid injections.

Classic Milky Nails

Classic Milky Nails have been making a comeback in recent years for a reason- they are simply gorgeous! These nails are made by painting your nails white and then using a milky substance to create an illusion of stars and galaxies. You can either use a pre-made polish or you can make your own using two coats of white nail polish and one coat of milky substance. The finish is slightly glossy but subtle, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're dressing up for a special night out or just want to add a little glamour to your everyday routine, classic Milky Nails are the perfect option. 

That's what we love most about our milky nails: They're not just a regular white manicure. They're off-white with a shiny (almost-creamy) finish. It's a soft, classic, and refreshing twist on your traditionally vibrant white manicure. Achieve a similar finish using Essie Marshmallow'white.

Milky Meets Marble

Have you seen marble manicures? Combine the creamy relax whiter finish with graceful patterns for a stunning milky manicure that's exquisite.

Milky French Mani

Accentuate the elegance of a timeless French manicure by pairing it with a subtle ombrΓ©, milk pearl, and iridescent finish. Enable yourself the additional effect of a shimmery top coat, such as Essie Going Steady, by finishing the manicure on top.

The Milky Way 

This is the milky nail art of our dreams. We love how created by @nailedbymele created canvases on the opposing hands to create an ethereal manicure.

A Subtle Take

If you are more of a minimalist, you can choose this trendy and pastel sort of shade and tone it down to suit your sense of style. Here, Barron Beauty creates a unique interpretation of milky nails by using a sheer off-white tone.

Make ’Em Matte

Because these glossy finishes make this nail trend so attractive, you can't enjoy their look in the same way you can with other nail finishes. Case in point? This particular manicure by @nails_and_females.

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