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Black French Tip Nails Inspiration and Ideas

Black French Tip Nails Inspiration and Ideas

Black French tips nails have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your look, and they can be done in a variety of different styles. Whether you want sleek, classic nails or something more on the wild side, black french tips nails can be perfect for you.

Black French nails (also known as black-tipped French manicure) are a huge trend right now. A quick look at the Instagram hashtag for black French nails and you will notice that this style is everywhere. I've had this look 10 times, and it’s one of my favorite nail styles.

Whether you want to go to your nail technician to have this look done professionally or you do it yourself, you're likely to be searching for inspiration. We have rounded up a few of Instagram's best black French tips, nail shape types, and type options you could choose from.

The black French tip nails are a type of nail that is popular among women. They are often seen as more glamorous than other types of nails and are often preferred by women who want to appear more elegant. The black French tip nails are also easier to keep clean than other types of nails, which is another reason they are popular.

Black French Tips Are An Excellent Option When It Comes To Decorative Nail Designs

The structure of your nails can affect the way French tips look. If you want black French tips, what shape should your nails be?


I had stiletto-shaped acrylic nails for quite a while! Stiletto nails are long and rounded nails that are very thin at the ends and sides, resembling a stiletto heel. They look fiercer than your average nails, and the black tips make them look even more dramatic. Because the stiletto is so long, you can get very creative with your nails and accessorize with various gems and other designs.


If you want the super sharp strength of stiletto nails (slightly rounded nails), almond-shaped nails are an apt midway point. The name describes how these nails resemble almonds. You can get super short or long almond nails. Almond French tips are a perfect complement to almond-shaped nails.


If you have no idea what kind of nail shape you want, round nails are always a popular choice. Like almond nails, you can choose short or long round nails. But unlike the other options, round nails are not thin. Almond nails are a great choice if you're looking for press-on nails I often see this shape when I'm shopping for press-ons. 

A wider cut can upgrade your style. I especially love gold added onto black French tips!


Square-shaped nails are a favorite among French tips for black French tips. I love square-shaped nails for their simplicity and childlike charm. You can get square-shaped nails in various lengths. As you get longer ones, you can affix the gold decoration I discovered earlier or any color you'd like. I see square-shaped press-on nails at any nail salon.

Black French Tip Styles

The best part about black French-tip nails is you don't had to pick a traditional look! There are so many black French-tip fashions to choose from. 


Of course, I have to mention the classic look. The tips of the nails are colored black and the rest of the nail is nude. Black French nail tips usually don t incorporate additional patterns or art. While you get your results at a salon, you may decide on nail salons for French tip press-on nails or you may try doing it yourself!


Classic black French tips are generally perfectly shaped. While wavy nails may appear crooked, I think they give the classic black French tips a cute look! To do that look, outline a wave design on the tips of the nails and fill in the outline with black. You can also decide to amplify the wave design at the bottom or sides of the nails!


Do you want something more versatile than the thin design? Opt for a swirl design! Similar to the wavy appearance, swirls add more artistic flair to that look. You can also add this design to the sides instead of the tips.

I think swirls give a more modern edge to the common French scrolls, though it 's still such a sleek design. To add an additional twist, add other colors, such as white, to the swirl design. You can possibly attach gems to your nails to give them an appearance of boldness. If you struggle to completely go black, make a list of black swirls and add a single black swirl to the tips of your normal nails.


Why apply black nail art to the entire nail? Cut off the nail at the tips to get a French black-design look! There are lots of cool graphics you can try. Since spring is upon us, there are lots of great springtime ideas! Are you eager to attempt different styles? If so, check out my advice and ask your manicurist for guidance.


More curved than the traditional French manicure, the French-tip portion of the nail is even shaped like a half-moon. A sensational look at times, it will significantly raise your nail game. Instead of doing the rest of your nails nude, try a midnight blue for the nails, allowing them to look like a night sky! You can also opt to add the nail pattern to the side rather than the tips.


Rather than random wiggles, curves are super abstract and trended in the 60s. I especially love this look when combined with other colors, like white. Rather than adding the wiggles to the ends, you can add the wiggles to the sides and even down the middle. The wiggles can also be subtle or exaggerated.


Rather than applying black paint to the nails' basis, you can add black to the tips of your nails, or you can paint them black and add nude-colored tips. It's a distinctively elegant nail style that encompasses a wide range of nail designs and lengths. You can also do this nails style using other nail shapes.


Who said black is the only color that can be used? Black French tips look great with many other colors! White, pink, blue, green, yellow, red, and nearly every other color looks great with black. No matter what color you pick, it'll look terrific. It's such a small detail that will draw the attention of anyone who's watching.

Black French Tip Ideas

Are you still on the fence about the black French tip nails you want? Try several of our tips!

1. Black Tip Almond Nails

You can add artwork or other design elements to these nails, but when you enjoy the way they look without them, I suggest you achieve this look with gel instead of acrylic. If you decide you don't want to visit a salon, you can implement this look yourself with dark nail polish. Make sure you use cuticle oil on your natural nails so they'll look as good as these nails.

2. Pearl and Gem Black French Tips

To stand out, I want to suggest trying this other design! These nails feature chunky pearls, charms, and gems coating the nails. The nails also provide artistic details such as hearts. Some of the nails have black French tips while others feature transparent glitter. These are acrylic nails and it would be difficult to achieve this look on press-on nails. Not sure about gel nails.

3. Abstract Black French Tips

You could also incorporate artistic details or other design touches to these nails. However, I think they look just as remarkable devoid of the embellishments. Because of this, I suggest using gel rather than acrylic for this design. If you do not want to go to a salon, you might be able to accomplish this look yourself in the comfort of your own home with black nail polish. Just be sure that you use cuticle oil on your natural nails to keep these nails looking as clean as these.

4. Out of This World Black French Tips

I love that gorgeous starry look, and the included fingernails are fantastic! I would prefer if this French-tip look contained more sparkly highlights, just like a star or a couple of planet gems, on the black side; otherwise, I approve of this style! If you desire to adopt this look, look long so I achieve the outstanding outer space look.

5. Black French Tips With Pink

This color scheme is really beautiful. I love this look! Here, you'll find quality square black gel (or maybe they're acrylic) tips, each with its own vivid neon-pink tip on the thumb.

To obtain the nails' appearance, art details involve crosses and planets. Because these nails are long and acrylic with stones, I suggest getting this appearance from a professional. Nonetheless, you can also go for a somewhat less elaborate look, without the longer shape and the stones.

6. Pink, Purple, and Black French Tips

These nails have such a cool look! Some are even decorated with black French tips, while others are adorned with purple and pink gems. It's a shame these additions aren't more alike, but I love the trippy and wavy ones the most. These nails also have very compelling color combinations, one of my favorites being the black and dark purple.

7. Glittery Black French Tips

I am very fond of the black glitter look that's called "black glam"! As the name suggests, these beautifully designed nails sport some black glitter in the color and consistency you see here instead of black matte. Additionally, the black glitter can be found in the pinky finger. It is a gorgeous look that is great for those desiring something a bit more laid back. I also love the gothic and rock chic style of these nails.

8. Textured Black French Tips

I love that textured nail style I've been seeing lately! And this has to be my favorite example of the textured nail style. It is simple, yet impressive. These nails are a cute example of the textured nail style. The textured pattern here resembles a crocodileprint, but I do not truly understand what it is. A flying saucer gem supplies these nails with a cool 3D visual appeal.

9. Black French Tips With Leopard Print

I love leopard print and I adore these nails! The nails have short square-shaped black French tips. One of the nails has a leopard print design painted on them. I think I advise you get the nails done professionally, but if you have artistic talents, you can take care of your own nails.

10. Cow Print Black French Tips

These nails are all black French tips, with the exception of one nail is made of cow print. Another nail has rhinestones around the French tip section. I love the black and white color scheme on black nails, so this look is uniquely adorable. I would strongly recommend contacting a professional for this look. I doubt you can find press-ons or gel in this style.

11. Black French Tips With Red Bottoms

The top of the fingernails are black French tips with pearl accents, but the bottoms are sparkly red! I had to take a closer look at the photo when I spotted it, thinking that they were two different sets of nails! Doing a quick search, I find that dyeing the bottom of your nails is a popular trend now. I think it's a cute and unique style!

12. White and Black French Tips

But if you don t want a style that is too busy, I recommend trying this styling. The hand has black tips, but the other hand has classic white tips. The nails are diamond-shaped and long, which is why this look is extremely fierce. The ring finger is decorated with a Louis Vuitton charm, and so these nails are truly exquisite.

13. Black French Tip Nails With Space Vibes

I don't know what name to give to this aesthetic, but I connect with it close to a comparable distance. These nails are acrylic, either coffin-shaped or ballerina-shaped (I can't tell), and some of the tips are black while others are in different iconographic blue designs. They also feature various gems and embellishments. The finger between the fourth and fifth finger seems like a planet, which is why I call it the gem on the middle finger.

14. Black French Tips With Glitter Swirls

I love this subtle, yet beautiful, look! These nails are long, square acrylics with black French tips. The ring finger of the left and right hands, however, have a golden sparkle swirl that makes the nails look more exciting and abstract. I recommend going to a professional nail technician to get the look, but you can do a simpler look yourself.

15. Fierce Black French Tips

I love the high-contrast look of super intense nail polish. These nails are actually square nails, but the reverse side of the nails extends down the sides of the nail as well. That's acrylic nail art, but you could do this with regular nail polish.

16. Black and White Swirl Tips

That look is unique and easy to duplicate. However, since you're not sure of your nail artistry skills, then hire a pro. Three of the nails are in the classic French finish style, and the other is in swirls going down the middle of the hand. One hand is black and the other is white.

17. Black Tips With Gold Flakes

Remember how I was talking about my love for the black and gold color scheme? I'm seriously loving this look! These nails are black French tips, but some of the nails feature gold flake accents. However, you can quickly get this look by going to any nail salon if you don't wish to do it yourself.

18. Black French Tips With Skull Charms

Every one of my precious gems looks like something I'd get, although I think the gemstones in the skull-shaped designs are definitely a little over the top. Even if you have to get the nails done professionally, I highly recommend browsing the lineup of skull nail charms on Etsy so you can do this look for yourself or with the help of press-ons.

19. Square Black French Tips

I think the square nails with a black French tip, like the one highlighted here, are exceptional. The way they're cut short looks so slight yet so picky, making them perfect for everyday wear. I also love the cross accent on the 1 nail, which makes them look even more artistic. I recommend going to a salon to get them done rather than attempting to do this yourself.

20. Tiny Black French Tips

These nails featuring white tips at the base and black in its summit were an eye-catching style. She hand-painted slim black cuffs at the nail roots in unique holographic colors. So cool and chic! It's a bit difficult to create, but anyone can do it.

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