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25 Bright and Breezy Summer Nail Design Trends to Rock All Season Long

25 Bright and Breezy Summer Nail Design Trends to Rock All Season Long

Brilliant rays of light, green leaves full of life, baby blue waves   your manicure can draw inspiration from the lively and bright colors that are found all around us during the summer months. Summer nail art is one of the simplest ways to update a look in the spring. With easily duplicated nail designs, nail art has never been so fun for the summer.

Whether you're just messing with a new nail design or you're a full-fledged nail artist looking for a new pattern, here are a number of in-vogue nail trend suggestions for your next summer pedicure. From fun twists on the French manicure to no-hassle DIY mani  s, these cute designs dare to play with color and pattern. As a result, these easy nail art are ideal for viewing your favorite summertime films on the beach and for soaking up the summer sun.

1. Bright Orange Creamsicle French Tips

French tips appear enticing and are even more delicious with a slice of citrus. Give a bit of color to the French tips with a cheerful orange, and paint on miniature citruses.

2. Summertime Pressed Bouquet

By using a flower between pages of your favorite novel in the sun in a park, you can imagine using those beautiful flowers on your nails to create an elegant and fashionable manicure.

3. Pretty in Pink Nails

These colors, depending on the season, look muy bueno together. They're great for summer.

4. Summer Lilac Tips

If you prefer to stick with the normal French manicure, but want to liven it up a little bit, lilac tips are a great way to do just that.

5. Star-Struck

Simply apply these colorful stars on top of your natural nails to build up a stunning look that's opaque and straightforward. Bear in mind to utilize nail stickers for clean lines and symmetrical shapes.

6. Fruit-Infused

This detailed nail design is just right for your summer nails beverage of choice if it contains your favored mixed fruit juice. You may also try it with any vegetable or fruit of your choice.

7. Cool Graphic Wave Nails

Turn the ocean's waves into inspiration to take with you into the interior of your nails. Go with extravagant, bright, multicolored streaks to keep them interesting.

8. Delicate Dots

For almost bare nails that still pack a punch, go for tiny dot patterns. You can do this in any of your preferred shades, but contrasting pairs like orange and blue are eye-catching. These designs are particularly decorative on short nails.

9. Totally Tubular

You'll be able to get in sync like a local at the neighborhood pool with the nails that resemble a colorful water balloon. To accentuate the charm of the pool treat, apply puffy paint to the pool patch. Bonus tip dab the colors together while still wet for a cool tie-dye effect.

10. Minimalist Nail Art

If you like nail designs but enjoy keeping your nails modest, try placing simple designs on bare nails for a stylish, minimalist appearance.

11. Squiggly French Tips

A trendy French tip aficionado who enjoys staying on the cutting edge will love this graphic French manicure with wavy pastel lines.

12. Cherry Nails with Rhinestones

Cherry nail stickers will give a fun and festive aura to almost any manicure. Add colorful gems to create even more dimension.

13. A Sweet Summer Design

Nothing says summertime like ice cream. When the weather gets warm, opt for colorful, half-shell fingernails with gilded drips that remind us of our favorite frozen yogurt.

14. End of Summer Nails

Planning a sunny picnic? A tartan style manicure will go great with it.

15. Plant Babies

These detailed orchids are sending off major plant vibes. Spruce up your potted plants by attaching small faces to the pots.

16. Pearly Nails

Gold trimming along the side isn't required, but it no doubt provides stylish effect to holographic nail polish.

17. Abstract Nails

Let your imagination run free over a very proper and clean white base, then dip a fork into your preferred shade and some nail stickers, or make use of a detail brush to apply a polish and produce your very own nails.

18. Color Block Art

Choose two different contrasting colors and create an angular design full of numerous colors that is sure to grab people's attention.

19. Mixed Patterns

Floral accent nails are cute to begin with, but the best part of them is their proverbial leopard print on the sides . Make a list of tips for working pattern mixing.

20. Rainbow Nails

Rather than choosing just one color, you can spread your color options out over several tones so that your nails look sleeker.

21. Asymmetric Pink Tips

Think of this design as a next-gen French manicure. Instead of accentuating the tips, stop the design just before the midpoint of the nail, and stretch it down the side.

22. Summer Sunset Drips

Take the colors of the sun that disappear into a kaleidoscope in the summer nail and place them in your nail designs. Long, coffin-shaped nails will hold your digits up and make them look longer and more pronounced.

23. Palm Leaves

These nails look like vegetable fronds, so even when you're not on a vacation to the tropics, you can still enjoy imitating them.

24. Blue Swirls

These bright, optical illusion-esque nails look especially good when paired with an ice-cold beverage and a sunny day by the pool.

25. Eye Spy

Instead of following the natural curve of your nail bed line, just follow its natural arch.

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