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22 Festive St. Patrick's Day Nail Designs That Will Give You Some Extra Luck

22 Festive St. Patrick's Day Nail Designs That Will Give You Some Extra Luck

Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is a must, and your nails are no exception! For a fun (and luck-filled) celebration in 2022, try out one of these fun St. Patrick's Day nail designs to prepare for a holiday full of drinking green beer, eating delicious St. Patrick's Day food (bring on the corned beef!) and celebrating all things Irish. What's better than St. Patrick's Day to discover your green on?

No matter what it is you're celebrating this year, these St. Patrick's Day nail designs will give you the inspiration you need for a top-notch manicure to pair with your most festive St. Patrick's Day outfits. So grab some green nail polish and go all out with some shamrock decal stickers or keep it subtle by painting each of your nails a different shade of green. Whatever you pick, these nail designs are guaranteed to look great gripping a tall pint of Guinness just don't forget to pair your mani with a pair of festive St. Patrick's Day leggings!

1. Shades of Green

Perhaps you'd rather wear every shade of green on your feet instead of simply selecting one. These ombre nails are rather simple, but they're also well suited for festive occasions and regional trends.

2. Clovers on White

The most simple way to add a decorative touch to your fingernails is to stick on some wonderful clover decals. It's both quick and easy to do.

3. Green, White and Orange

There's no mistaking this pattern, especially with the Irish flags that will be waving everywhere on St. Patrick's Day. So it's a good thing that Ireland's flag is easy to paint just a vertical stripe of green, white and orange.

4. Pot o' Gold

From the green french tips to the “luck” text, to the gold glitter flashing at the end of the mini rainbows, this is a glittering manicure you would expect to wear.

5. Green With Envy

If you're in search of nails that will make you feel special on St. Patrick's Day but don't have a problem with showing a little personality, this manicure is for you. The hunter green nail polish looks festive for the holiday, but it doesn't look childish. Try a rubber band to keep your nails in a straight line.

6. Four-Leaf Clovers

A sparkling green shamrock will appear to add some luck to a white manicure. If you do not have the artistic talent to draw freehand shamrocks, a nail sticker will suffice.

7. A Little Luck

With a spotless white base and small, black accents, this is the most minimally designed hand on our list if that's your favorite style. A manicure pen will bring you the preciseness to recreate that tiny text.

8. Green French Tips 

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! If you're looking for a festive way to celebrate, why not try green French tips? They're perfect for the holiday and easy to do at home. All you need is some green nail polish and a steady hand. Follow these simple steps to create the perfect St. Patrick's Day nails:

  • Paint your nails with a base coat of white or light green polish. This will help the green polish look brighter and more vibrant.
  • Paint your nails with a layer of green polish, using two or three coats for even coverage.
  • Use a thin brush to paint vertical stripes on your nails, starting at the cuticle and going all the way to the tips.

Give your classic French manicure an Irish twist by replacing it with a green color that shimmers like white tips.

9. Sham-Rockstar

Whether you are adding glitter to the tips or mini shamrocks, these nails prove that you can add anything you want to a light green base and it will come out as festive as desired.

10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

What joy lies over the rainbow? We wish it was this manicure with its colorful gradient and shamrock designs (and a pot o' gold).

11. Gilded Green

Gilded Green

These decals take the manicure to the next level with their lovely, forest green color.

12. Metallic Green 

The metallic green of nail polish is often associated with the Irish holiday, St. Patrick's Day. The color is said to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. In Ireland, it is traditional to wear green on St. Patrick's Day as a show of patriotism and support for the country. While the origins of the green nail polish are unknown, it is thought to have originated in the United States sometime in the early 2000s. 

The unique chrome polish on these fingernails adds a fun twist to your regular green manicure.

13. Pretty in Plaid 

Something suggests to us that Cher Horowitz from Clueless would have rocked these plaid nails, complete with a heart-shaped accent thumb. Horrible nails on one of the fun holidays of the year? Ugh, as if!

14. Galactic Swirls

These nails are out of this world. The water marble style mixes a gold or silver hue with green and purple for a modern rendition of the classic St. Paddy's Day nail set.

15. End of the Rainbow

It's all about getting to that pot of gold. From thumb to pinky, you'll show the road to the conclusion of the rainbow with this one. The pastel base and red to purple gradient is a unique and bright design.

16. Green Gradient

Treat yourself to this beauty treatment before, during, and after the holiday. A different method for those who want their toenails to be more of a timeless fashion, this uses shades of green and sparkles.

17. Leprechaun's Luck

The most fantastic (not to mention, diminutive) nail is the middle finger, which displays a leprechaun sporting a hat and full beard. Complimented by gold-plated, a clover and green dotted nails, this is for the St. Patrick's Day superfan.

18. Luck Galore

You really need to bring some luck with you during the course of the event. Put some horseshoes and a lucky clover in your hand, along with other realistic good luck symbols.

19. Luck of the Irish

Just like any event that happens on March 17, there's much happening here. If you're actually Irish, or just love the color green, you can't go wrong with these nails.

20. Marble Madness

The expansive marble design, which demonstrates green, black, and gold, is very intricate. Additionally, it is another good option when you want to remove one's nails quickly on deck before the holiday.

21. Minty Fresh

You'll feel just a step closer with the fresh, laid-back fingernails. No leprechauns or clovers are featured here, but everyone will know what you're going with with this plaid design.

22. Gold Foils

Many fashionistas love matte nails, so make yours as important as the trend with this gold foil-accented nail design.

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