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8 Gorgeous Nail Trends You'll Want To Wear All Summer, According to Nail Artists

8 Gorgeous Nail Trends You'll Want To Wear All Summer, According to Nail Artists

Summer is here; wearing shorts and skirts is suitable. There is no need for big sweaters anymore or teddy bear-shaped jackets. And if like me (nail fiend extraordinaire) you're changing from reds and shimmery greens to blue, pastels, and yellow, you should have gel and maybe even acrylic nails done.

Of course, soft pastels aren't the only summer nail trend. An accent of reaching neon yellows and greens works just as well, referring to a New York-based celebrity nail artist named Trenna Seney. During the summer, you can step out of the box and be bold, so work with bold colors, pastels, or a beautiful white light, she says. And if you want to be more fun, Seney recommends including some gold flakes or a French tickle on the tips. (My personal favorite design is pearls, but I'll never say no to a French tickle). Summer is the point at which you want to experiment with trendy nail styles. If you believe something may look good on your nails, then experiment with these eight nail trends. Trust me. You'll be craving a trip to the nail salon.

1. Subdued Gray Tips

However, the shade of gray is the exception, not the rule. Neons still rule, but the subtle nature of this shade makes it possible to make a statement with your summer style. Opt for a glossy top coat, add some designs, and you're good to go.

2. Abstract Neons

Rather than checking only a single neon light, it is testing bold, abstract designs (think fruit, checkerboard squares, and flowers) using multiple brilliant colors.

3. Watercolor Nails

Some guys love this treatment because they resemble ombrΓ© nails, but multiple solid colors are layered upon each other, and the end result is a beautiful gradient like a watercolor.

4. Colored French

Tired of wearing plain French manicures with single white tips? Complement this look with some traditionally summer shades (particularly, any color can work). You can have some fun with it, too, by simply painting each tip a different shade. A nice, elegant style with a cookout-inspired twist.

5. Mix and Match Designs

The summer months are a time to enjoy creativity. Creating mixed graphics in a decoupage manicure is emblematic of summer. Instead of using the same puffiness on every thumb, dab your nails on a various design.

6. Chrome Effects

You may think chrome nails that feature a metallic and reflective metal polish would not feel appropriate amidst the flashy and bright hues of the summer time, since they are a little bit more muted. But this unique, widely versatile design works perfectly. Seney adds an enjoyable summer accent by incorporating iridescent chrome colors, which can add a sparkly and vibrant appearance to the nails.

7. The Classic White

The White Satin polish is easily the most popular for summer. According to Seney, this polish enhances your tan and matches any kind of summer outfit you can imagine. If you want to add some flare to your white nails, Seney suggests using pearls or crystals for an opulent, luxurious look.

8. Jelly Tips

Y2K fashion is not the only 2000s aesthetic making waves this season. According to Boyce, jelly tips are making a comeback. Jellies are semi-sheer nails that look like stained glass when bright colors like pink and blue are applied, she says. (It's similar to jelly sandals, but the nail version). Specifically, keep in mind a jelly look works on longer nails. Therefore, you can see a jelly effect on the tip, whereas a foiling effect on nails that do not extend beyond the nail bed is not as obvious.

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