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Tips For Strong Summer Nails

Tips For Strong Summer Nails

As temperatures rise, we trade in our closed-toed shoes for barefoot or sandals, and we begin to welcome back summer adventures. Unfortunately, extended exposure to sunlight, moisture, and other elements can cause split nails, causing them to weaken or even break off.

As a nail school student, it's important to be ready to explain the various nail care techniques to your customers. Review these tips to share these tips with your clients, who will have strong and appealing nails all summer long.

Keep Your Nails Hydrated

When developing your nails, it is essential that you stay well-hydrated. Similar to your hair and skin, your fingernails need water in order to prevent cracking and peeling. Many people assume that soaking their fingernails in liquid will hydrate them, but it actually strips nails of important oils, making them dry up. Even prolonged exposure to elements like chlorine, cleaning products, and alcohol-based sanitizers can dry your skin and nails. So whether your clients are planning extensive pool days or summer house cleaning, be sure to advise them to always hydrate their nails to prevent dehydration.

Hands and nails should be moisturized immediately after swimming, soaking nails, or washing hands to help restore their natural oils. Apply hand creams or lotion, or try a DIY nail soak pour a bit of oil  avocado, coconut, coconut oil, tea tree oil, or olive oil work best  into a bowl and soak nails for about 10 minutes. If possible, wear rubber gloves when cleaning with chemicals.

Encourage clients to stretch the lifetime of their manicures, as such nail polish remover quickly and excessively dries out nails. As an alternative, use nourishing base coats and consistently re Polish your nails to provide a protective barrier from water and the sun. Finish with a nail hardener to progressively thicken and strengthen your nails while providing them a shiny appearance.

Your cuticles keep your eyes safe from infection, so it is important to encourage your clients to care for them too. Dried cuticles can result in unattractive and excruciating hangnails, so always make sure to apply cuticle oil or conditioner to allow them to stay moisturized.

Keep Your Nails Short

Summer's hot rays accelerate nail growth, which means it is necessary to cut off your nails frequently. Cutting your nails often aids nail growth, and keeping your fingernails short promotes strong, healthy nails. Shorter nails have few vulnerable edges, and they require less moisture and care.

When cutting your nails, don't forget to use gentle equipment and always cut toenails in a straight line to prevent growth into the corners. Always file your toenails in one action only, since filing back and forth causes nails to split and peel. Use rounded nails instead of pointed ones so they're stronger this summer. Next, advise your customers against cutting their fingernails. Because of their protective function and ability to retain moisture, we recommend that you utilize cuticle oil and pull them back instead.

Get Healthy

Your fingernail health indicates your general health. Aging, malnutrition, and infection harm your nails, which in turn result in their slow growth. Summer is the perfect time to use the warmer weather to enjoy an active outdoors and improve your health. Urge patients to drink a lot of water and follow a wholesome diet with plenty of protein, and their nails will certainly reap the benefits. Because fungi thrive where humidity is abundant, be sure to dry and clean your hands to prevent infection. Then, apply an moisturizer, cream, or oil to replenish moisture!

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