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33 Best Summer Nail Designs You Need to Try in 2022

33 Best Summer Nail Designs You Need to Try in 2022

Since summer nail art largely stands the spotlight and spends a lot of time exposed and shivering in gloves and coats, summer nail trends are a completely different spin on the whole matter. I mean, what can't compare to a neon mani wrapped around a frozen margarita?

Because in the summer, the cheery spirit gets you, I thought that I d show you a few of my most Insta-worthy summer nail designs. As you ll see, whether you prefer aqua, neon, or pastel shades, there's s inspo here just for you. Ahead, 33 of the most stylish and fun summer nail designs.

1. Silver nails for summer

This silver-dot manicure is giving major party vibes, good for the summer. Dip a nail dotting tool in silver nail polish and use dots to create small dots on each nail. Or, as an alternative, just pick up a pack of nail decals and pop them onto the nails.

2. Smiley face summer nail art

How fun is this smiley-face nail art for summer? This is actually yet another alternative that'll be great with nail stickers (though maybe not if you're like me and just enjoy this type of thing).

3. This cloud summer nail idea

What nail design do you think will go best together with your cloud makeup? Acrylic, it can be challenging to reproduce this nail design, but if you wish to try it, take some tutorials first.

4. Berry red summer nails

Of all the colors of nail polish, what color is the best one? There's an ideal red tone for every season. It's equally cute with a full glam makeup and outfit and on its own.

5. This heart nail design for summer

Did you think hearts were only for Valentine's Day nails? Think again. This combination of light and dark pinks are bright and fun enough to be a great summer nail idea, too.

6. Wavy nail art for summer

This psychedelic image is so neat! You'll want to put on some skinny nail brushes to detail your shoes.

7. This black and silver nail idea for summer

A black and silver toenail design like this picture's will work just as well if you prefer not to do vibrant colors. Try painting a clear black nail polish base, then after it s dry (and I again describe this as being completely dry ), paint some silver circles on top.

8. This cherry nail design

My solution involves purchasing a bright-colored nail polish, a green nail polish, and a light pink base nail polish. You'll want to make sure you have a red nail polish, a green nail polish, and a pink nail base on hand when coming up with my summer nail idea.

9. This cuticle nail art for summer

If you are interested in being subtle but still want some coloured art on your nail designs, this half-moon nail art design is a great compromise. All you have to do is cut some half-moons using your nail art brush and paint them with your favourite color. One wonderful thing about this particular nail design is that since the half-moons only touch the edges of your nail beds, it will not show many chips.

10. Contemporary French tips

This summer nail art idea gives me ebullient vibes as I work to secure my next promotion. Paint a white stripe diagonally down the side of one of your fingernails from halfway down toward the tip, and once it's dry, paint the other side black, and be sure to overlap the white polish at the tip.

11. Gradient summer nails

One way to add visual flair to your manicure without making it look too cluttered is to select one color palette and create a gradient rendition of the pattern used by your nail artist, Mimi. It is a great choice for any individual who doesn't want to waste time applying nail designs.

12. This minimalist summer nail design

Searching for a stunning nail set for summer? You re looking over it. Dip a thin nail brush into white nail polish and swipe it across your nail and up and down for this grid pattern across just a couple of fingers. Leave your other nails blank for a clean look.

13. Butterfly summer nails

I mean, do I even need to create an argument for why summer butterfly nails are a cute nail design for this time of year? But just to give you an idea of what to expect, butterfly nail stickers are a great idea to have on lockdown. With a few coats of topcoat, the stickers look ideal with your nails.

14. These summery pastel nails

Pastels are often known for their summertime spring or Easter nail looks, but I'm a fan of them for year-round wear too. You can use just one color or three different colors on your thumb, index, and pinky fingers, then on another two fingers use two accent colors.

15. This fruity summer nail design

I recommend you go through the adorable summertime fruit nail art first, then come to the classic French manicure underneath this summer nail art idea. I gained insight recently regarding painting the fruits on a piece of tin foil with a nail art brush, which I advise. Then please send me a picture of your completed work.

16. Summery rainbow dots

This nail art instead of summer mani also does wonders for pride nails, and it takes very little time to recreate (remember when I formerly gave you exciting nail ideas? This is one reason why). What you will need A nail dotter tool and every last nail polish color in the rainbow (or scrap the idea of getting all your polishes in rainbow order and just use what you have). Paint each color of one row down the center of the fingernail with an enamel topcoat.

17. Mixed pattern nail art for summer

Looking to spice things up with your French manicure? Add a different motif to your thumb and index finger, such as nail artist Melanie conducted here (with the Sally Hansen Insta Dri x Peeps Nail Polish Duo, FYI). It looks a bit like group power bashing, but applied to your nails.

18. This neon summer nail design

Even when we debate about the summer season, we can't think of summer nail ideas without mentioning neon polish. It doesn't look quite as cool during the day as it does at night (Wait, is that still a thing?). Paint your whole nails neon for a vibrant effect or just cover the tips, like nail artist Nia Ho did.

19. This checkered summer nail art

The checkered pattern is a blend of soft and bold, which makes it the ideal nail design for summer. Select a classic black plaid such as this one, or you may be daring and try out a few different shades on your own nails.

20. This blue flame summer nail idea

Going for lighter, brighter nail polish colors (like this turquoise blue) is a clever way to turn your classic flame mani into a summery motif for summer. P.S. Clean, round nails are the best way to show off this nail art.

21. This statement summer nail design

Do you think that full-speed summer nail art is too much for you? Pick a low-key base (such as white nail polish or light pink polish) and paint two accent nails on either hand. The pink heart design this command describes is definitely on my list.

22. This butterfly nail design

Of course Dua Lipa would look awesome in the nail artistry of celebrity nail artist Chaun Legend. Channel the singer's summer butterfly vibe with butterfly nail decals and some acrylics.

23. This rainbow nail art

While you must choose a nail polish color for your summer 2022 nail art, you won't be able to select just one. Instead, diversify your chosen polish on each nail until you have a colorful look similar to this.

24. This cow-print nail design for summer

There's a reason why you keep seeing rubber-stamped art on your Instagram right now. It's neutral enough to copy for weeks on end (so, like, who likes black and white anyway?) and it doesn't require any clean or sharp lines, which makes it effortless to DIY. While I have to do in the name of Alicia Torello.

25. This star nail art idea

The great thing about this summer nail art is that it is very easy to re-create. You only need a light pink nail polish, a glossy top coat, and a package of nail art stickers. Look forward to everyone assuming that you got your manicure done by a professional.

26. This yellow French manicure for summer

It gives me the impression that the French manicure is currently in vogue, so why not conduct myself in this luxury design for summer? The key to replicating this look is selecting the right yellow nail polish you want something bright and not neon.

27. This picnic nail idea for summer

Give your nails the manicure with a bold red-and-white checkered pattern. The key to this manicure? A thin striper brush to ensure that the edges are clean.

28. This fruit nail design

My favorite fruits tend to become available during summer, so during the summer, it makes sense to paint them all over my nails.

29. This paint splatter nail art for summer

Summertime is very suitable for applying multicolored nail polish, due to the vivid hues and simple application. Apply your favorite colors, dot on the polish, and leave your mani with a clear top coat.

30. This summer floral nail design

Summer floral decals look great. Begin by dotting a pastel floral pattern on top of a fingernail, filling up the canvas with polish, and coloring in the petals with a different color.

31. This colorful summer nail idea

Don't think that you have to wear the basics and nudes during summer. Instead, feel free to make whatever rainbow OTT look you want. To copy it, paint your nails like you would a French manicure, but with colorful free edges instead of white tips.

32. This abstract nail design for summer

This print exudes a familiarity with summer ambience, between the vivid purples and greens and the bright colors. It looks like a Hawaiian shirt.

33. This tie-dye summer nail design

Tie-dye prints are basically synonymous with summer, and these pastel swirls typically pop on every of your nails. Just be sure you finish the design with a gorgeous top coat.

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