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13 Best Chinese New Year Nail Ideas for 2022

13 Best Chinese New Year Nail Ideas for 2022

Before I go to the nail salon for a Valentine's Day manicure or begin to lay out St. Patrick's Day nails, I invite you (as if you'd even be reminded) to let me congratulate you on the upcoming Lunar New Year. And your Chinese New Year nails will definitely rekindle the spark the following day, February 1. After the Year of the Tiger (so if you're born in 1986 or 1998, this is the Year of the Tiger for you), IMHO, there is no better way to kick off the celebration than with a pair of vibrantly decorated fingernails. Get your screenshotting fingers ready, as there are some really cool ideas below, including gold foil-covered nails and red wavy designs. Ahead, 13 of the best nail ideas for Chinese New Year.

1. These Red and Gold Tips for Chinese New Year

The glitz of red nail polish, French tips, and subtle gold accents makes it a cheerful skincare idea for Chinese New Year. If you share this with your nail artist, be sure to ask them to keep your pinky nails red like this photo to create a pattern element.

2. Gold Foil Nails for Lunar New Year

Like this, nail artist Hang Nguyen mentions, gold foil is much easier to fabricate than other nail designs and always looks impressive. All you require are clear nail polish, some gold foil, and tweezers. Carefully place the foil flat on your fresh coat of polish with the tweezers, and once dry, cover the design with a shiny topcoat.

3. This Wavy Red Nail Idea

If you have a thin nail brush and red nail polish, you can be fully prepared to recreate this red nail design for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Trace a wavy line along the tip of your nails and then fill in with a layer of red polish. Then, repeat the process again, but start the line close to the tip of your nail.

4. Silver and Gold New Year Nails

If you want something similar to a Chinese New Year's ornamentation for your tiny nails, try silver French tips and Chinese abacus. To secure the beads, make sure you have some nail glue at hand and some tweezers (to prevent accidentally gluing your fingers together, hah).

5. These Neutral Nails Chinese New Year Nails

Want to ring in a less flashy New Year? Stilt a neutral-colored nail polish or experiment with NCLA x Sivan Ayla in Capri Sunset, shown above, and add a touch of sparkle using a half-moon accent.

6. These Pretty Red-and-Gold New Year Nails

Um, how pretty is the gold detailing on these red fingernails? They add a dash of style to your nails with the help of Daily Charme Mirror Red Chrome Powder without taking over your look.

7. These Deep-Red Wavy Nails

Red nail polish has often been an undisputed classic, but the distinctive lines and shapes of this specific design maintain it feeling fresh.

8. This Gold Star Nail Idea

Once you've covered the base with a clear coat of gold paint, accent with gold stars and a super-shiny top coat for a festive New Year's celebration. The result? An eye-catching manicure that's not overly ornate.

9. These Abstract Nails for Lunar New Year

Let your true creative side loose and try out this abstract nail design. The different-size horizontal lines in red and black create a particularly distinctive design.

10. This Red French Manicure Idea

Give up on your classic French manicure and give these red-tipped ones a shot. It's a charming and easy way to add a pop of colour.

11. This Reverse French Manicure for Chinese New Year

You could also turn the French manicure upside down and re-create this distinctive nail design. The subtle gold flecks will add just the right amount of shine and shimmer to your nails (and you can do it in, like, 10 minutes).

12. This Mix-and-Match Nail Idea

If you want to combine all your favorite nail trends into one manicure, you've come to the right place. These mixed-medium nails bring together over-the-top characters and negative-space designs to create a nail look that deserves a spot on your Insta grid.

13. This Minimalist Chinese New Year Nail Idea

This nail design is the perfect selection if you like to go minimal in terms of nails. The subtle metallic lines give this look a little grace without toying with it too much.

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