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The 10 Coolest Nail Colors to Try Right Now

The 10 Coolest Nail Colors to Try Right Now

The weather in spring is a harbinger of warmer weather and fun. Even so, winter persists into mid-April, however, there is a genuine joy in the atmosphere as we begin experiencing warmer weather. On sunny days, regardless of the temperature (usually high 30s in the Midwest), the streets are humming with activity. People enjoy taking long walks in the sunlight, especially if they want to stay warm and comfortable at the same time. We discard all of the distinctive vehicle colors for pastels and awesome colors, most likely in the form of shawls, jackets, long pants, and the hottest nail colors each year. Even if clasping an iced coffee briefly causes one's fingers to freeze, we can't forget the disruptive transition from hot drinks to dessert beverages. Spring in the air is the perfect time to restore your nail polish collection. Discard all the dark colors of winter and replace them with the bright tones of spring.

1. Green Apple 

No matter what way you cut it, green is the color of spring 2022, and this bright shade screams warm weather. When you roll up with this bright, sunny color on your nails, you'll get a few envious looks.

2. Murky Neutrals

Nail colors are no longer limited to beige neutrals and browns, as dark colors became increasingly popular. Some darkly colored nail polish shades to watch out for include murky neutrals.

3. Bubblegum Pink

Pink will never go out of style, especially for the nails, but this bubblegum version is the cool-girl, louder way to wear this season. It's a fun take on a classic red nail, timeless, bold, and goes with everything.

4. Periwinkle 

Get yourself prepared for spring by painting your nails with this periwinkle shade. How Pretty Peri of you!

5. Pearl

For a striking spin on the classic white nail paint shade, this pearl shade is head-turning without being bold and bright. For those who are looking for more modest nail colors, this shade is bound to have those around them ask what is on your fingernails.

6. Bright Cerulean

All I needed to do was see Rihanna wearing this color to know it would be signaling the official color of summer 2022. Not willing to dress like this? Go for your nails first. Rest assured you won't stop staring at your hands.

7. Jade Jelly

When we were mentioning shades of green, we weren't kidding. TikTok has blown up the jelly nail trend, and now you can get a jelly nail kit at home. We're loving the jade shade in this ultrashiny, sheer jelly formula.

8. Multichrome

Seen on Dua Lipa in 2018, this stunning shade (or variation of shades) was introduced with an ultra-reflective purple nail. As seen under different lighting conditions, the colors of this nail will shift, making a hue that is out of this world. It is described as opulent, thanks to which it's in top shape for big fashion in 2022.

9. Neon Yellow

During the summer, weather doesn't prevent you from looking great with your nails. If you decide to get pastel nails or maybe you want to go for flashy neon nails, you'll feel happy every time you look at your hand.

10. Tangerine 

This colorful manicure is comparable to spring break on your fingernails. Shades of orange are dominating the style and beauty game this year, and your fingernails are no exception. If you prefer something shimmery yet don't want to go neon just yet, this color is the perfect stepping stone.

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