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Mark My Words: These Will Be the 8 Hottest Nail Colors of Summer 2022

Mark My Words: These Will Be the 8 Hottest Nail Colors of Summer 2022

I don't know about "I," but this winter has been long for all of us. We have been waiting for summer clothes, tank tops, and a time to sport all the bright spring nail polish that we have been waiting for in the last six months. If there is any way to improve your spirits, it s by putting on a bright nail color. 

Summer of the following year, you'll be more inclined to desire bright, vibrant colors, as opposed to neutral shades, in every shade of the spectrum. Pink, red, green, blue, orange you will feel replete after only a brief stretch with them. Many of them are considered below for inspiration.

1. French Tips

If you are not into a bright hue, don't worry: the classic French tip will never go out of style. This summer, we're seeing it with the traditional white (perfect for brides!), but we also love a bright tip. It feels summery without too much of a commitment.

2. Rainbow

Feel free to include all your favorite colors with your nails if you wish to get trendy. A set of nail polish is a good option if you decide to try a wide array of colors.

3. Hot Pink

A perennially summer look and feel, bright pink is a color that you'll never regret. You can go all out with Barbie pink and more fuchsia.

4. Neon Orange

You are excited to check out orange everywhere, fashion, beauty, and on your nails. We love this neon color for summer, which adds a little more glow to our skin during the dreary weather.

5. Red

Red is always going to be a classic, but I'm looking forward to summer. This cherry red color still looks professional and eye-catching, but it is not too out there. It's perfect for those who want a daring shade but aren't ready to go too far outside of their comfort zone.

6. Pistachio 

Hello to the shade of the summer! Expect to see pistachio all over the place, and you can read your set of nail polish early. With the purples and turquoises of fall and winter, this is a fresh take on green.

7. Lime

But don't worry about Green is also getting the neon treatment. This bright green shade is so bright and enjoyable; you'll practically transport to the summer months right then and there (regardless of what your weather service says).

8. Turquoise

Listen to my word: this hue is called turquoise and has a coming-out party. If you wish to be an early adopter, buy this nail polish for sure.

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