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Stand Out With Glitter Nails: The Best Way To Use Glitter In Your Nail Designs

Stand Out With Glitter Nails: The Best Way To Use Glitter In Your Nail Designs

Manicures aren't just a considerate manner to take care of your nails strong and healthy. Also, they are an unlimited phase of self-expression and creativity. With so much assortment to choose from, there's a manicure to match any occasion, mood, or your upcoming can't-miss event.

Individuals looking to add a bit of spice to their day-to-day routine might consider glitter nails to be the optimal option. In addition to glitter a number of designs, you can personalize your nails to be even more bold, individual, and unapologetic by mixing up your colors or applying the whole set.

here are a few things each time you create your perfect next glitter nail polish.

Glitter Nail Polish at a Glance 

Have you ever tried to use a glitter nail polish, only to find that sides of the nail were nearly nonexistent? Perhaps you've applied so many layers of the nail polish that the glitter chips off, even though the color can still be seen underneath? You're not alone. Despite the colors on these types of nail polish appearing the same, they tend to have different applications, and for that reason, you need to approach the process differently. Try a few of these simple tips to find the best glittery you love without the mess.

Sponge Style Application

The most popular method for achieving even coverage and attractive shine is with a makeup sponge. The main reason that a makeup sponge is an effective tool for applying a glittery nail polish is because it absorbs the nail polish and liquid, only leaving glitter behind. 

All you ll need for your manicure is your base coat, top coat, and liquid latex if you want to protect your skin around your nails. Use your base coat, which helps to keep your manicure lasting longer, and your nails healthier. Then dab your makeup sponge into the glitter polish, a little at a time. The sponge will absorb the paint, so you can apply the remainder of the glitter in an even layer. Return the sponge to the glitter as many times as you want for a solid coat. Add your top coat and enjoy shiny, glittery nails that last.

Cotton Swab Style 

Cloth or cotton swab will work to experiment with glitter nail polish if you don't have a sponge laying around. You can receive the same type of results with a cotton swab or a cotton ball, though they may not be as precise. After you have brushed and sprayed your base coat, dab your cotton swab into the glitter polish, then apply the glitter to your nails. Dab on your top coat for a smooth, shiny finish.

Marble Glitter Nails 

You can make a beautiful marble design and get the glitter-covered looks you like in one design. A marble nail design is easy and straightforward to perform at home if a little messy. Begin by applying your base coat and then your liquid latex, if you can, since the surface around your fingernails is going to be dipped into paint.

Pour room temperature water into a bowl and add a handful of your choice of glittery nail polish colors. Fashion a swirl with your finger and then dip your entire nail into the paint to coat it completely. Allow the polish to dry and set with your favorite top coat.

Marble patterns may wrist or chest you, but if this is what you're seeking, consider the sponge or cotton swab style instead.

Glitter Vs. Glitter Nail Polish 

Glitter is among the most convenient substances to get a gorgeous shine, but you can go directly to the source, too. If you're using a specialized cosmetics glitter, consider getting a better consistency, which will provide even glitter across the nail.

Begin with a base coat and background color that matches the glitter you will apply. Remember, you can just paint one hand at a time because there is a need for the nail polish to be sticky for the glitter to stay put. Using a small piece of paper or napkin, dust off any excess glitter from your fingernails. You can accomplish this by placing a few sparkles to the nail with a damp gauze, cotton swab, or toothpick if you are searching for a limited assortment of of nail art or color pattern.

Carefully do away with excess glitter, taking care not to rub it over your nail, and after that seal the top coating onto your nail to be certain that it's secured. This technique always produces the best results to get that glittery nail look you can't help but love.

Styles and Methods for Glittery Nails 

Regarding the best colors and designs for your glitter manicure, the only limit is your imagination. Below are some great choices for adding glitter to your next nail look.

Nail Art

What do you enjoy about nail design? Try it out the next time you have your nails done. Geometric patterns like diamonds and stripes can be balanced with flat and glitter paint in various shades of color, or heritage stencils could be utilized to design other patterns.

Many nail art designs incorporate decals, stickers, or gems, so consider including some sparkle to your glittery nail art design.

Accent Nail 

The reason that the accent nail is a classic is because of its eye-catching commonness. Chances are your favorite accent nail may be decorated with decals in a wide variety of designs or in different colors. Placing an accent nail in your best on-stage polish is a wonderful means of including another hue to a manicure's color schemes while keeping the star of the display, the glitter!

Glitter Tips 

If you want to approach the glitter in your next manicure in a more subtle fashion, consider your tips. Glitter tips can be as thin or as bold as you want them to be. Add them in a straight, fine line, or allow them to fade into the background of the other colors of your nails for a truly unique look.

You should also consider starting off with a glitter medium under the nail bed before fading into flat colors for a very different approach.

Glitter Ombre 

Why stop at just one shade of the glittery manicure? Just how lovely would it be to apply a cascade of sparkle to a makeup sponge and then nail the design onto your nail? It's a simple and satisfying way to start with a single color or go all the way forward with a glitter finish.

Mix and Match

Glittery nails are all about the fun. That is why this style of nail is an excellent option for combining your favorite manicure looks. Add an ombre accent nail to your set by trying on a few tips or nails, or have a little of each. The key is to make the manicure reflect your style and preferences.


You deserve a manicure as bold and joyful as you are, and that s where a dazzling shine comes in. There are lots of easy ways to achieve a gleaming nail polish appearance you love, with a sponge or by simply adding glitter to wet nail polish. No matter the situation, glitter can deliver the perfect touch to any type of nail art. Nail art lovers of all designs can use glitter to create the most elegant fingernails. Whether it's gel, acrylic, Shellac, or natural nails, glitter looks great on all of them.

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