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7 Best Passover Nail Ideas and Inspo for 2022

7 Best Passover Nail Ideas and Inspo for 2022

I'm sure you are aware of this, but just in case, here's your friendly reminder that Passover is mere weeks away. And my favorite way of getting into Passover celebrations? Getting my nails all made up for the celebration, whether it's shamrock-green St. Patrick's Day nails, pink and red Valentine's Day nails, or earth-tone Thanksgiving nails. If you haven't already gotten started pondering it, I went ahead and discovered all the cute Passover nail ideas so that your hand art may be entirely Seder-ready in April, including some exceptionally in depth ideas for nail art artists and some easy-to-apply Ten Plagues-themed nail decals if you require a quick manicure. Stick with my tips, and you will soon be in matzah mood because a few of them include actual matzah, way to do this exactly? Ahead, 7 of the cutest a growing set of Passover nail designs to start practicing now.

1. These Detailed Ten Plagues Passover Nails

This nail art idea is basically a piece of art on each hand. And don't get me started on the colors how awesome is the blue and red combo against the metallic accent colors? Unless you're a master-level art coder, I'd recommend that you screenshot this picture and take it to your nearest computer technician.

2. These 3D Ten Plagues Passover Nails

What I enjoy the most is how quickly this three-dimensional Passover nail art looks and the level of detail on each nail. Tip Ask your nail technician if they can do intricate nail art such as this and how much it costs before scheduling an appointment. And do not forget to pick up a red rhinestone ahead of time for your piece of jewelry.

3. These Ten Plagues Passover Nails

Will the Passover nail idea you pose in your Insta Story look just as adorable against some matzah in the backdrop? Hebrew nail art Guru Rabbi Yael Buechler made actual Ten Plagues nail stickers, so all you have to do is just lay them on a layer of creamy white nail polish, apply a glossy coat, and enjoy examining the end result.

4. This Fly Plague Idea for Passover Nails

Gifting ten plagues themed nail stickers (which you can see in this photo, in case you wondered) as a simple nail idea for Passover is a simple concept you can replicate on your own. You'll need gold, silver, and black nail polishes plus a tiny nail art brush to create this design on your own.

5. This Chai Symbol Passover Nail Idea

The Ten Plagues are too on the nose for you, take advantage of this simple Passover nail idea. Paint baby blue nail polish on every nail except your ring finger and on your ring finger, swap in white nail polish instead. Once dry, paint in the shape of a chai symbol on your accent nail with a thin nail brush, and finish it off with a glittery top coat.

6. These Blue and Gold Symbol Passover Nails

Look at these intricate nail designs; they're probably intimidating, so just take one step at a time and make sure you're fully equipped with the proper instruments (see a nail dotting tool and a nail art pen set). First, paint on two coats of bright-blue nail polish and let them dry for three minutes (at least) between coats. Then, with a nail art brush, trace the Egyptian symbols one stroke at a time using a gold nail polish.

7. These Egyptian-Inspired Passover Nails

Jewish nail artists, I'm looking at you for this detailed Passover design. You should search for a variety of colors, so look for camel brown, black, tan, white, gray, and gold nail polishes and a set of nail art brushes. Each animal or palm tree on this design has a shadow to match it, so be patient with each layer and take it slow with your brush strokes.

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