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27 Best Accent Nail Ideas to Try Right Now

27 Best Accent Nail Ideas to Try Right Now

As the next individual, let 's face it can get expensive and time consuming when every nail is covered with intricate artwork. Painting one or two accent nails in a slightly different color, pattern, or style from all the others is a good way to achieve beginner's level in nail art if you're not interested in making a huge purchases or going to a professional nail salon for treatment. Likewise, you could personalize your nails with a simply added line to your little finger if you're an avid do-it-yourselfer or wear decals and stickers if you prefer a bolder look. To help you get inspired for your next manicure, I compiled a list of the 27 most current trends for accent nails over Instagram.

1. This Teeny Tiny Evil Eye Accent Nail

In terms of the accent nail trend, the best thing about it is that there are a million different designs and stickers to select from, so all you have to do is choose whichever one makes you feel the happiest.

2. Accent Nail Idea: Smiley Hearts

These happy hearts are awesome as a nail accent. This design may have some trouble getting replicated completely on your own, so schedule a scheduled appointment with your nail specialist and bring along a screenshot of this pic for optimal inspiration.

3. These Flame Accent Nails

I promise these flame accent nails are simpler to DIY than they appear. After painting your nails with a color that's neutral, take a nail art brush and dip it into the nail polish of your choice to slowly trace curvy lines that resemble fire.

4. Accent Nail Idea: Your Initial

I like to stamp literally everything, so I am drawn to this initial accent nail. I recommend using initial nail stickers if you want to bring this initial accent nail idea into your mani.

5. Red Hearts for an Accent Nail

How this red French manicure with heart-shaped accent nail looks makes it the ideal Valentine's Day nail design, too.

6. Accent Nail Idea: Checkers

This photo shows proof that checkerboards, fungi, and irises were made for each other. These checkers, mushrooms, and smiles give me 1970s vibes, and I really enjoy how bright the colors in this design are.

7. These Chrome Accent Nails

Feeling more like a futuristic vibe? Then these cool, chrome accent nails is the perfect approach to elevate your manicure game. It's an amazingly exclusive, eye-catching appearance and I'm totally here for it.

8. This Citrusy Accent Nail Idea

Glass compote decor is one of the latest trends in style, and this graphic detail just made me smile. To duplicate this style, you'll need some thin nail art toothpicks, a pale-yellow nail polish, and a deep-green nail polish. Make your lemons and their leaves ovals and then add some sharp points at the end of each shape.

9. This Matte Black Nail and Number Combo

If you're not a fan of a splash of color, stick with black and white and choose a matte black nail and numbers that reflect something significant to you. I assume this person was born in 1991, but you don't have to use their birth date attempt to choose a wedding anniversary date or maybe even some significant angel numbers as well.

10. This Sunny Side Up Egg Accent Nail

Anyone who's a fan of this delicious breakfast recipe will relish this accent nail design. It makes me hungry.

11. Accent Nail Idea: Sparkly Butterflies

I love the way this butterfly nail design appears to pop off of this manicure. Painting these small insects may be intricate, but DT, I discovered an everyday remedy for you these shiny butterfly nail stickers. They're like Mariah Carey tapes.

12. This Accent Nail Idea for Minimalists

This minimalist, surprising nail look is a simple yet elegant way to add some flair to your hand. Dip a nail art brush into a black nail polish and draw a thin line across your ring finger nail, and you will have chic nails fit for the red carpet.

13. These Black-and-White Accent Nail Flowers

I will let you in on a little secret: The minimal petals on the accent earrings aren't the work of a nail art brush, but a dotter . The tiny dots on the circumference of the dotter make the perfect flowers, so all you have to do is dip it into your chosen nail polish and dab it into the outline of your favourite flora.

14. This Alternating Polka Dot Accent Nail Idea

Discussing dotter tools, this alternating polka-dot accent nail idea will look like it would be hard to accomplish, but if you use a dotter, it's truly easy. Determine your preferred three nail polish colors and submerge the tip of the dotter tool into the polish for easy dot placement on two bare nails.

15. These Smiley Face Accent Nails

Smiley faces are having a moment right now, and these yellow gold and pink nail polish nails are a great way to try out this trend. Apply two thin layers of a pale pink nail polish on just two fingertips and then stick on a few fun nail stickers.

16. Accent Nail Idea: Alien Nail Stickers

If you're pressed for time and want to quickly dress up your nail design, nail stickers will rapidly help you.

17. These Dreamy Cloud Accent Nails

Add some variety to a classic french manicure by mixing it up with a cloud-based pattern. The cool thing about this design is that the white in the clouds matches the white on the tips, so the accent nails blend in within seamlessly for a stunning look.

18. These Nails With Pearl Accents

I didn't know you, but attaching rhinestones to my fingernails after seeing this image is one of my favorite new habits. I appreciate my manicure while I top off my manicure and add a designer accessory or two.

19. These Retro Hearts as Accent Nails

A retro design will be stylish enough to wear whenever you like by asking your nail technician to add a decorative French tip design full of different shades of green.

20. This Blinged-Out Accent Nail

Should you worry about a few rocks snagging on anything, don't sweat it, a thick coat of a gel top coat layered on can prevent a few of the scratches from being too rough on your clothing, and also the gel helps ensure that they stay in place longer.

21. These Marble Accent Nails

One easy method to give your toenails added depth is to simply add a little nail polish marbling. All you have to do is dip your nails in a few different nail polish colors and add a few strokes and a fan brush.

22. Accent Nail Idea: Shiny Snakes

The glittering nail polish in this tarantula mimics the look of the accompanying snake scales, which is good, right?

23. Red Swirl Accent Nails

When you desire a classic red nail design with a touch of negative room and a few lines, you can go right ahead and use a finer-tipped nail art brush to produce them, then add some star nail art stickers to finish it.

24. These Swirly and Trippy Accent Nails

Opt for waterfront nails designs you like (like the swirls, shimmers, and twists this word art over here) and keep them handy for those times when you want to spice up your manicure without having to paint an actual object on your nails.

25. These Contrasting Accent Nails

French mani looks great on it own, but it can also add some contrast to your manicure by combining in an accent nail or two using a different shade. For example, these red tips collaborate with the pottery-inspired blue flowers. It's a captivating pairing.

26. Cherry Accent Nails

I love both of these aspects of the mani more than the pale lilac tips (like, how cute is the pastel polish for spring and summer?!) or the cherry accent nail.

27. Nail Idea: Fruit Accents

These fruity accent fingernails are summer manicure goals. The detailing is mind-blowing and the colors are delightful and bright. If you decide to do hard nail art yourself, be certain that to seal in your design with a glossy topcoat to forestall dulling or chipping.

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