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7 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Nail Colors To Try That Aren’t Pink

7 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Nail Colors To Try That Aren’t Pink

I enjoy getting a little bit of nail art now and then, but my manicurist typically renders my standard manicure with a few twists. Keep an eye on me if I use the exact same color scheme twice in the same year. There is no color that I enjoy as much as I like looking at it on my hands for two weeks. When it comes to my Valentine's Day nail design, finding a suitable color I don't have worn before is a challenge but not impossible.

If you find yourself wearing pink every year and wishing to modify it up, same. Here, you'll find a bunch of exciting, out-of-the-box tips to take your Valentine s Day nails from like to love.

1. Lilac

Any shade of purple will present a different alternative, but we really like this light lilac tone right now. It feels like a springtime launch after this wintry wasteland we experience.

2. Light Yellow

It's similar to our colors at the beginning of May, when we need to visually transition from winter to spring. This light, medium yellow feels like the perfect blend of holidays and Easter.

3. Red French

If the spirit of Valentine's Day is excessively sexy, apply a little red velvet. Already painting nails red during the holiday season? This time, do it with restraint. The use of a negative space provides it the sensation of being bright and lovely, while red keeps it thoroughly saturated in holiday color.

4. Metallic Pink

It's safe to go with a light pink mani, but you should definitely be able to spice it up a little bit. Metallic is a very popular fashion and beauty trend this year, and it's no surprise that it's moving over to nail trends, too.

5. Heart Stickers 

This is one of the easiest things you can do, but the impact is considerable. When done with a natural color, the impact is less cheese, more adorable. We love this in white, but I've also seen it on IG in a deep brown shade charming.

6. Raspberry

These chocolate-covered raspberries and the wine you drink can simulate the festiveness of Valentine's Day, but you can choose your color scheme more subtly. Go for a fuchsia tone or deepen it for a red wine shade.

7. Rainbow

This holiday season is the best time of the year for giving you the candy, food, and flowers you need to tell you how much you care about them. Do your nails with Skittles polish of all the colors of the rainbow (or just your favorites) to get one of the many smiles it will have brought to your face.

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