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10 Nail Art Designs Anyone Can Learn for 2022

10 Nail Art Designs Anyone Can Learn for 2022

It's crucial to take the proper care of your nails because you will have the ability to notice a positive enhancement in your general physical look. However fragile or weak your nails are, regular manicures can make sure your nails grow strong and healthy. They are also much less likely to develop damage or infection complications with the fragile skin that surrounds your nail beds.

If you are a professional nail artist, a spa manicure or polish is a fantastic method to display your skill and artistic interests. You might have special requirements for a manicure or polish, and we’re here to help you find just what you need.

Not only do we offer an all-in-one at-home dip kit for salon-style nails, but we are also excited to share with you all we've learned about proper nail care and manicures. Here are some fun nail art designs that beginners can try (and master) today.

What to Keep in Mind About Nail Care

Before your current manicure is finished, you'll need to keep in mind some things to remember about care and maintenance precautions, such as avoiding the following:

Take Care of Your Nails Before You Paint​ 

Manicures can be both relaxing and refreshing, which is why you're going to want to take time to clean, file, and apply oils and creams to your fingers. Well-groomed nails also hold the polish or paint in better condition, which can result in a longer manicure.

Removal Is Important​ 

Several nail styles have different methods for removal, but it's of great importance that you follow them carefully. Chipping or scratching away at existing polish could be very harmful. Understanding that nail options like acrylics require the use of acetone for proper removal is important.

You Have Many Style Options​

Learning how to develop nail art in a home environment can be frustrating for beginners, but knowing what options are available to you can really help. If you check out options like gels, acrylics, and shellac, you're bound to find a style you love. Here at Nailboo, we love the dip polish look!

Shape Matters​

The easiest and quickest way to fundamentally change your look is with the shape of your nails, especially for nail varieties like acrylics. The more complex nail shapes are tough to achieve at home, so try out your easier alternatives like oval, round, and square nails.

It’s Okay to Mess Up​ 

With nail polish and manicures, or when you try a new look, keep in mind that nail polish remover will quickly correct mistakes you make. When you try something new, don't get discouraged if it later proves not to your liking. Keep the nail polish remover you have on hand, and try a new look over again.

Designs for Beginners

Once you've decided what type of look you desire, you have many nail styles to choose from. Some of these designs are more appealing than others, and most are suitable for beginners who want to try their hand at nail art. Which nail art design will you try first?

1. Colors 

To paint your nails beautifully, stick to your favorite colors or pick a solid that fits the season. There are such a lot of beautiful colors to pick from, so you can help make your nail art completely one of a kind, stylish, and chic. This is also an excellent beginning spot for novice nail artists.

2. Geometric 

Geometric patterns appear to be more complicated than they actually are. How-to obtain geometric nails at home is via the use of nail tape. Allow your base layer of nail polish to dry completely. Then place your nail tape in the shape or design you would like and apply your next layer of color. When you peel away the liner, you'll have clean, stylish lines that will certainly impress.

3. Splatter 

A splatter paint design is ideal for novice painters, as it is designed to be imperfect, which makes it beneficial for those getting started. Begin by painting your nails in a solid color. When it dries, begin splatter painting by flicking the paint brush over them in whatever hues you would like. Pick a bright and playful pattern for the summer or embrace winter with a green and white splatter design.

4. Polka Dots 

Polka dots are an unbelievably cute outfit to try at home, and they look great in any order. It's fashion-forward to have a manicure kit geared toward this sort of work but don't fret if you don't have any. A hairpin can also do the job. Dip the base of the nails in the nail color, then take a break the round head of the head of your body pin in the dot color and swipe about in it as you wish.

5. Accent Nail 

Accent nails can be as simple or difficult to decorate as you would like, but they always look great. An accent nail can be as simple or as complex as you want -- a single nail in a different color from the rest of the set, or as elaborate as decals, decorations, and stones. it looks great when you have an accent nail made of spilt glitter colors or can make your nails look festive for a holiday.

6. Flowers 

Flowers may seem daunting, but recall their simplicity. You can do just as with another bobby pin. Rather than just inserting one in your desired color, center your dot in one color, and use different hues to create additional dots around it, forming petals resembling a tiny daisy. Add a line of green if you want to give it some sort of vegetable stem and leaves.

7. Simple Tips 

The most traditional bright nail polish for French tips is OPI's "Across the Universe." Alternatively, you can select any bright color you would like to use for your French tips. There are various tactics possible to acquire this done. You may achieve a consistent tip by making use of nail tape and lining off the top of your nail. As an option, you could make a small puddle of the coating color and dip your vanity right into the dye.

8. Beach Nails 

If you don t want your theme to end up with too many details, try painting beach nails. Start with a base color of light blue and paint your nails halfway up from the base. Then use a light beige to paint a random pattern over the remaining nail. Add in a whimsical design, like a starfish or a fish, for a cute ocean scene.

9. Newspaper Nails 

Newspaper nails are so much fun that can make even a novice look great. Start by applying a light neutral color to your nails. Then, take an old newspaper and dip it into vodka. Lay it on your white or pink nails and let it sit for a minute or two. When you lift up the paper, you ll see the paper pattern and words across your nails. For best results, add a top coat.

10. Stamps and Decals 

There are some intricate designs or styles that don t come naturally to hand. Decals and stamps are a fine choice if you are in need of a simple but highly effective tool for attaining the polished beauty you desire. Decals are like stickers that are meant for your nails. With stamps, you will hide paint on the decoration and then apply the stamper to capture the image and apply it to your nails. You can combine your stamps and decals with the colors and styles of your nails for a more personal look each time you add decals to your nails.


If you're a beginner, you can choose a range of manicure choices with no prior knowledge or special training, so you can practice your craft. If you prefer straight lines and bold contrasts, geometric nail shapes are a good option for you. If you're searching for high-definition nail polish that resembles a fashionable gem and fluid, try splatter painting, floral drapery, or beach nail designs. In addition to developing a new nail appearance with your own hand, a regular manicure protects your nails, reduces their risk of infection, and promotes strong, healthy growth for many years to come.

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