Your Guide on How To Choose the Best Nail Shape for You (2022) - Nails Principle

Your Guide on How To Choose the Best Nail Shape for You (2022)

Your Guide on How To Choose the Best Nail Shape for You (2022)

You have seen images of perfectly shaped and polished nails in magazines and wondered if you could achieve this stylish look. Covet no more; we'll teach you how to select the ideal nail shape for that fabulous manicure you love and desire.

What forms of nails are commonly used?

Choosing the finest nail shape is a critical component in having the ideal manicure. There are many kinds of nail shapes available, but some of the most popular options are mentioned here: 

Almond: The almond shape is one of the most popular shapes nurses often choose for their nails. Almond-shaped nails have an oval like this one with a tapered top and bottom. They look lovely on women who wear open ringlets since their outline lengthens them.

  • Oval: This is a medium to long shape, with a semi-circle base, egg-like free end, and straight-lined sides. Oval-shaped nails look great on nails with long lengths. This lettuce shape has an elongation effect on the fingers, so it suits people with shorter digits.
  • Round: Round nails have a rounded, circular free edge. The round shape softens wide nail beds and elongates fingers with long nails.
  • Square: Nails that have a squared-off, blunt edge and straight sides are ideal nails for medium or long length. This shape gives nails a widened appearance, ideal for those with prominent nail beds or long fingers.
  • Squoval: This is the simplest type of nail shape to maintain. Squoval nails are square with rounded edges, which is the most natural nail shape.
  • Stiletto: Long nails have a sharp tip and are usually made from acrylic or gel nail extensions. These nails are difficult in maintaining because their sharp end makes them prone to chipping.
  • Coffin: The coffin shape, also known as the ballerina, is a long nail shape with a tapered and flattened square tip. It looks similar to a ballerina s pointed toe shoe. Coffin nails add elegance and a modern edge to a manicure and work best on longer acrylic and gel nail sets.

What Are the Different Types of Hand Shapes?

The shape of your hand can help you determine which nail shape you should choose. Listed here are the four basic hand shapes. Can you figure out which one belongs to you? The answer is just in your hands.

  • Grounded Hands: The elongated shape and wide palm of this hand's shape make it a fantastic fit for delicate objects. The almond and rectangular shapes are ideal; they can elongate your shorter fingers. 
  • Piano Hands: People with piano hands have short, broad palms and long fingers. Compliment your hands with coffin-shaped nails.
  • Hi-Five Hands: This shape is characterized by a long hand and short fingers. An oval-shaped nail set looks best for this hand shape because it elongates the fingers and balances the palms.
  • Generous Hands: To make your palms look bigger and your hands look longer, choose either squarish or oval-shaped nails.

Whatever your inclination, there are nail shapes that match it.

Another factor pertaining to nail shape is your lifestyle. If you play a lot of sports, or work on a computer, long nails probably will not be the best choice for you. Here are the best and worst nail shapes for various kinds of lifestyles.

  • Coffin Nails: An edgy claw shape that adds trendy style and lengthens the fingers is unfavorable if you play sports, do lots of typing on the computer, play guitar, or handle packages or items a lot during the day.
  • Oval Nails: This shape is the least prone to splitting and adds length to your nails. Avoid not ever! The oval shape is low-maintenance and easy to work with for everyone.
  • Almond Nails: Strengthen your fingernails with a hearty almond form. Stop if you open top-seal cans or button a lot of clothes.
  • Stiletto Nails: The stiletto-shaped design is extremely tall and bold. Stay away if you wear contact lenses, or use your hands in any way.
  • Square Nails: This shape is classy and works especially well for those who work with their hands a lot. Avoid if you have short fingers or are inclined to nail-biting.
  • Squoval Nails: This shape is perfect on everyone and will never go out of style. Avoid if it isn't essential to avoid this shape.
  • Round: This shape will not reach all sizes, so it should not be used for scratching your rear.

Other Things To Consider

Have you got any lingering questions regarding the ideal nail shape? We've further interesting info to speed your nail shape quest. Here are a few more suggestions that may help.

Everyone can make their short fingers look longer.

The best way to lengthen the look of your short fingers is to round the nails. File your nails using their natural curve then curve the nails' free edges so that they are rounded and symmetrical on each one of them. Check the symmetry of your fingers by flipping them over and then observing the curvature.

What would be a good shape for long nails and wide nail beds?

Is it a little-known attraction that the oval nail shape is ideal for the runways? In addition to making sure the nails are cut straight, file a curve into the free edge of the nail just to lengthen it.

You can loosen and slim your fingers.

The almond shape both elongates the fingers, giving them a slimmer appearance, and slims the sides. Create a peak at the free space of your nail with a nail file by filing the sides and narrowing at the tip. This shape mimics the almond shape.

Which shape is the least likely to require frequent repair?

The Squoval-shaped nail is the easiest to maintain because it grows as your nails do. Keep the squoval by filing down the edges of the nail evenly in a straight line. There are numerous other ways to smooth the free edge and soften the corners.


There are many shapes of nail to choose from, and now that you know the basics, choosing the most suitable one should be a piece of cake. The perfect nail shape is just one file format away!

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