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Valentines Day Nails: 10 Valentines Nail Designs To Try Out This Year

Valentines Day Nails: 10 Valentines Nail Designs To Try Out This Year

Regular manicures and nail healthcare are great ways to care for your nails so they continue to look healthy and strong. They can also ensure that you are able to share your character and show off your unique personality to the world. And, regarding the upcoming holiday, birthday, or exciting event, there is a special manicure that can really get the party started.

I have a number of options for nail designs that are perfect for Valentine s Day. Here are some of my favorites.

Nails at a Glance 

In order to decide the most suitable style or design for your nails, you should consider a couple of the factors listed below.

Nail Type 

The kind of nails you want can depend on your taste, lifestyle, and cosmetic goals. There are numerous good options, including gels, acrylics, Soak, dip powder, and gel powder. They all have various degrees of maintenance and available styles and lifespans, so do your research to find the appropriate type for your needs.

Nail Shapes

One of the best ways to get a desired look is to examine all of your nail shape options. If you are likely to damage your thumb or have a physically strenuous job, a round, oval, or square shape might be preferable. Shapes like coffin, stiletto, and almond are bold and refined and always eye-catching when used to make a statement.

Nail Colors 

Of course, when it comes to Valentine s Day, pink and red are completely normal and they re favorites for a reason! But the next time you design your nails for Valentine s day, feel free to think outside of the box. Pink and black or purple and white can create gorgeous designs for the holiday that really stand out from the crowd.

Valentine’s Day Nail Designs 

After you have chosen your favorite styles and shapes of Valentine's Day manicures, you'll enjoy the happiest part putting your own stamp on your nails. Below are some terrific approaches for getting bright, beautiful holiday nails that really suit your fashion.

Heart Nails 

Of course, Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without hearts, would it? The best part about a heart design for your holiday manicure is that there are so many great approaches in which you might want to make it your own. A heart is great for an accent nail, or you can go subtle and use a small heart design on the thumb or pinky nail.

Hearts can also be used to tell a narrative during a manicurist's service. For instance, you can have a picture of Cupid shooting his arrow on one fingernail and a heart on the last. Or maybe a heart-stamped envelope is flying through the air during Valentine s Day. Valentine's Day is a fun and festive holiday, and there are plenty of ways to bring the metaphorical heart to life in a fashion that you love.

Glitter Nails 

What gives Valentine's Day the next day more importance than the pink glitter set? Glitter is such a fun and exciting means to adorn your manicure, and you can choose from a multitude of ways to obtain the ideal glittery look for your Valentine's Day date.

Consider using a full glitter nail set, putting glitter accents onto nails as accent nails, or adding a glitter touch to the ends of tips or bases in ombre style. Regardless of whether you approach it specifically, your nails will provide a touch of glamour and elegance to the occasion.

Consider a full glitter set, use glitter as a nail accent, or add a touch of glitz to florets or bases in an ombre of glitter. No matter the way you do it, your glittery nails will enhance your elegance and style in the evening.

Nail Gems and Jewels 

If a glitter polish is not sufficient to express your enjoyment of a specific holiday event, you can add rhinestones and jewels to your favorite patterns or themed colors. Rhinestones come in all your favorite colors, so you can match them to the holiday theme, and small charms can be as bold or as subtle as you want them to be.

Decals & Stickers 

You can use stencils and free-hand work to create simple designs, but for more intricate designs, consider using decals, stamps, or stickers. You can choose from a great variety of geometric patterns and shapes, and you can add your favorite videos and stories from the holiday, including hearts, Cupid, Valentine's Day cards, kisses, or more. Nail decals and stamps keep your manicure in perfect condition always.

Floral Nails

Subtle ways to add a festive tone to the winter season include utilizing florals. Selects everything from roses to subtle plants in the most brilliant of reds and pinks to provide an understated, personable touch to your wintertime manicure.

Ombre Nails 

A whimsically good-looking nail design is always fashionable and cute with many different pink and red shades to choose from for the New Year, so you won't go wrong. Consider an ombre going from thumb to pinky or from base to tip, and feel free to add a little glitter with it. It is fairly easy to create a gorgeous ombre look on home by swiping a makeup sponge.

Minimalist Nails

If you're preparing a first-class dinner, or you just want to keep your Valentine's Day celebration low-key, minimalist nails are a great options. You can do small Xs and Os across the finish of your nail set, add some hearts at the bottom of your thumb, or alter the tips in your favorite shade of pink. Reward yourself with a classy and subtle Valentine s Day manicure that you love.

Stripes and Polka Dots 

If you're willing to hold back somewhat, consider selecting your favorite stripes and polka dot patterns you want to play with for a Valentine 's Day look. Mix and match your favorite top patterns with all the heart-related hues that you adore most to create a nail style that's joyful and playfully matches the holiday.


Going with a splatter style is a fun option for getting into the spirit of Valentine's Day. Consider utilizing splatter prints for any situation, but they are particularly great for the occasion with shades of pink, red, and white. Arrange it as part of a full ensemble or use it as an accent in New England fashion with a new splatter nail every time.

Candy Hearts 

Let's face it, the best part of Valentine's Day is the candy. (Or perhaps we should say the best part of February fifteenth!) Bring some of those sweetness home with a sweet heart-shaped manicure. You can stencil or rubber stamp hearts with your favorite saying or paint your nails in the very best of classic confectionery colors and add the top silly texts you'd send to your beloved on Valentines Day.


We are quite fond of a truly cheerful holiday, which is typically filled with desserts, drinks, and love! How did we celebrate today at Nails Principle? With incredible, Valentine s Day-themed manicures you won t want to miss out on. 

Impress your Valentine's Day date and all your Galentines Day friends with unique and fashionable manicures that really get into the night 's theme. Regardless of whether you've transitioned to a minimalistic pattern, with tiny, cute hearts that play peekaboo, or you prefer bringing the glitter and golden with gold with shiny sets, stripes, and splatter, there are stunning Valentine's Day nail styles to match your favorites. Pick your favorite shapes to start designing your very own manicure at home today!

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