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14 Simple Nail Designs for Any Occasion and Skill Level

14 Simple Nail Designs for Any Occasion and Skill Level

The simple manicure is a creative and fashionable complement to any outfit. There are endlessge options available when it comes to planning at home manicures or booking a manicure at your favorite salon. Just remember to keep it simple if you like to keep things easy.

Even beginning nail artists can produce intricate and beautiful designs that can fit many styles and occasions. All you need to have are your favorite shades!

No matter what type of nail swipe you are looking for next, we have got you covered. We share easy-to-use dip kits so that healthy and affordable nail treatments are accessible to everyone.

Regardless of how long you've been painting your nails at home or you are just beginning, we have the information you need to meet your nail painting goals and you can create nail looks you'll love.

Details That Make a Difference 

To learn all the different ways to customize your next manicure, focus on different features and aspects. Becoming familiar with the details can help you customize and get a new look at your next manicure that you will definitely want to show off.

Nail Material 

Nails Principle all about the nail dip manicure. It is very easy to do at home, and it will protect your nails for weeks at a time. You have many options from which to choose, including traditional polish, gels, Shellac nails, and acrylics. Each type requires a different skill level and tools, but they all have their own finished design.

Nail Shape

Your nail shape is one of the relatively easy and instantly changeable details that can change your overall look. Various forms have different benefits and uses, but if you are on the search for nail shapes that will be easy to make usage of for various situations and needs, square, ovals, or round shapes might be good for you. If you know that you are attending a fancy party, think about stilettos or ballerinas as your nail design.

Nail Health

You don't have to step inside the salon to get a classic manicure that washes away on every occasion. When your nails and nail beds are treated well, your hands will always look healthy and neat, which is always a fashionable look. Be sure to add proper nail care to your routine manicure, whether you're using paint or not.

Simple Nail Designs for Any Occasion and Skill Level

As soon as you have a feel for the types of details involved when planning a manicure, you can begin creating a style that appeals to you or endeavors to be completely unique. Here are a number of Nails Pricinple most popular styles that you may try out for any event and at any prospective skill level. Give them a try and see how much you can make them yours for your next big event.

1. Seasonal Colors 

You can select a color wheel that corresponds with the season, ensuring that your seasonal palette always looks fresh. It's both straightforward and elegant and should be your pick for any costume.

One of the simplest parts about using seasonal nail polish is you know your fingernails will match your outfit. Fall season nail salons are able to vie with other types of nail art, but they are often a stunning look all on their own.

2. Pastels 

Although they might seem unusual during the summer months, they are always in style and can be very flattering to the hand and fingers because of their elongated effect. While it may seem like pastels are a spring and summer exclusive, there are still some great ways to involve them in your favorite fall and winter manicures.

For fall fingernails, light oranges, yellows, and reds speak to the predominant style of the season while being tasteful and distinguished. Winter is all about shades of blue and greens that will never fail to look good.

3. Neutrals

Neutral colors have been a popular element of style since the beginning of history, and it's not hard to understand why. Colors are the basis for creating fashion and culture. While the amount of black, white, and gray may be small, they aren't dull.

You can design a neutral manicure using any combination of tones, or you can opt for a neutral ombre or accent nail. By achieving a neutral nail, you can conveniently show up for work, school, or any other event in any form of clothing, and you know that the nail will match your outfit unconditionally.

4. Jewel Tones 

Jewel tones are a common makeup choice for winter manicures. They're a traditional option for both formal occasions and more casual gatherings alike. Neutral toners are tranquil and easier to wear in the workplace, in the house, or at the nightclub. Pick out your favorite jewel tones of green, purple, and crimson or choose your top green, purple, or red and enjoy a classic one-color manicure with ease.

5. Accent Nail 

One of the best perks of the accent nail is that it can be adapted to suit any formality or professionalism level you need. Another reason we can t help but fall in love with the accent nail is that it is perfect for nail artists of all sizes.

A classic accent nail is just a different shade or shade altogether. Accent nails are often a metallic or glittery shade that are very noticeable, but you have the freedom to make your accent nail any way you wish.

Another way to think about accent nails is by decorating them with hearts and stars, or with geometric shapes that match your own color palette. Imagination is the limit, and these steps are perfect for any event or skill level.

6. Lines 

An excellent geometrically shaped nail polish will always stand out, yet do not worry if you have not tried geometric patterns and designs on your manicures before. Not only are geometric patterns easier than they might appear, but there are various ways to practice and lead up to them so you do not have to pull the bottle of nail polish remover out every time.

The most popular type of geometric nail that anyone can try at home is linear work. You may draw a line accent on a single nail, a pattern as an enhancement, or across the whole manicure for a striking contemporary design.

If you're especially steady when you draw with your non-dominant hand, go ahead and try some freehand drawing you're comfortable with on dried color polish. If careful and precise line work is a concern, make it simpler by covering your base color with sticky nail art tape.

7. Tips 

We tend to think initially of French manicures in terms of nail tips, but you can easily coordinate your nails with anything you visualize.

Tips aren't just a subtle nod to bright and bold colors, exciting designs and which may be used in formal and official settings. They are also favored by beginners, since it's easier than it might seem to get a touch on your nails.

You can keep your nails neutral if you're planning to use them at an occasion where you need to look inconspicuous. You can opt for a darker base color with strong points for those special occasions.

Apply a little bit of the tip of the new paint to a piece of foil or your finger, as it will be less absorbent than the primer. Take into consideration that paper and paper towels are usually unnecessary! Next, dip the tip of your nail into the new color, let it dry, and apply a topcoat. You can easily use nail tape if you've decided on evenness for your line.

8. Floral Art 

Flowers are terrific for both spring and summer, but they are a good choice for any time of year. With such a huge variety of floral nail designs out there, you should have the ability to discover the ideal floral look for your nails, and for whatever event you're attending.

Including specific parts of nature, such as flowers, to an outfit can improve either the appearance or feel of your nails. Practice your favorite styles and bring the garden with you wherever you go.

9. Abstracts

Abstract nail designs are ideal for newcomers to nail design since there's not just one correct way to apply them. One of our favourite tactics to put a lovely accent nail is to apply a neutral base color and let it dry. Try to come up with two or three colors you love and apply small blobs or blotches to the nails in wavy or flowing patterns. If possible, try drawing a thin line between still-wet dyes to complete the color scheme.

With so many options at your disposal for abstract nail art designs, experimenting with different styles is the only way to achieve success.

10. Glitter Nails 

When we think of our nails glittered simply for our sake, we frequently imagine brightly colored appearances or princess-inspired looks. It's hard to not love a princessy look, but if you mean to wear sparkly hues for a variety of occasions and abilities, there's a way to make sure you still gratify your desire for shine.

If you want an accent nail or tip, but you're not too keen on adding too much to your manicure, then glitter is still a great options. You can also find very subtle holographic glitter colors that will allow you to enjoy the light effect on your manicure without being concerned about what other people will think. Glitter nails don't require a lot of skill to get started, but they're always capable of making bold and colorful designs that will give plenty of confidence.

11. Metallics

Perhaps you really love the shine, but you are just not in the mood today for some tinsel nails. Having shiny colors and designs certainly enhance your own next manicure, as they do great with many kinds of nail styles, such as tips, accent nails, or seasonal styles. One of our favorite additions to a good fall base or jewel-tone manicure is a little dash of gold flake that really stands out.

Metallic works extremely well with abstract nails. However, if you plan to unite and combine it or use it in greater quantities, it will garner a number of compliments from everyone. Metallics can also be worn with a lot of outfits.

12. Bases 

If you're just starting to paint a nail design, then painting the nail tip is very common. At any time you can follow the trend and change the color and style of your tips or the nail base, so that you can ensure a simple life or make a bold design decision. Deciding to paint both the media and the cuticle is simple when it comes to adding color and texture to a manicure, as you will only have to complete the task in a single stroke of each. We recommend using nail tape to avoid obtaining lumpy and uneven lines.

13. Decals and Stickers 

Are you generally curious about how people get images of flowers, stars, or hearts on their nails? Decals and stickers are the perfect selection for beginners. You can purchase stickers and adhesives in any design you can imagine. Since they go on smoothly and are gentle, they look wonderful for any occasion. 

Trying various types of hair and nail stickers is a fun way to broaden and hone your skills as you practice a different look on an ongoing basis.

Experiencing new fashions and techniques for nail polish can help you discover length and style options that you really like.

14. Chevrons and Diamonds 

Chevrons and diamonds are another fashionable geometric design you can presently start trying out easily at home, even if you're inexperienced in it. You can figure your nail tips or layout an elegant diamond pattern in your favored color to an accent nail.

A circle of neutral tones or a single primary color can easily produce a wonderfully unique and elegant look with the help of a nail image and steady hand. You can also accentuate the tips of your nails with a subtle color contrast for especially bold accent.


It doesn't matter what type of manicure your next party requires, there are many looks you can start using today. Selecting an exceptional and stylish new look is straightforward, no matter what level of expertise you have, and it's simple to start using materials you have on hand with your next manicure. Try out accent nails, bold tips, a little dash of gold, or decals and designs in your favorite colors to fit your mood.

We're here to help you find your next great look and the others to follow. We make it easy to get salon-quality manicures in the comfort of your own residence with our user-friendly nail dip kits.

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