Pink and Yellow Nail Designs To Make Your Nails Look Like Pink Lemonade - Nails Principle

Pink and Yellow Nail Designs To Make Your Nails Look Like Pink Lemonade

Pink and Yellow Nail Designs To Make Your Nails Look Like Pink Lemonade

Among conventional color schemes for summer nails are pink and yellow. While they're upbeat and bound to stand out, they also remind us of candies and summer drinks, including pink lemonade.

What makes our pink and yellow nail designs so special is that they exemplify the artistic abilities of our team. That's why we're excited to share with you some of our favorite designs, so that you can create your own one-of-a-kind look for your next big event or night out.

We also make it easy to try out our dial nail polish kit so you can have salon-quality manicures without the salon-quality prices. Here are some of our favorite trendy pink and yellow nail designs and colors.

Pink and Yellow Nail Designs

A multi-colored manicure is a bright way to liven up your nails depending on the event or occasion. Work one of the dazzling pink and yellow nail patterns into your routine, experimenting with different styles and techniques for different occasions. Which one will you try out first?

Pink Lemonade 

Naturally, we have to begin with the inspiration for the pink and yellow coloring scheme, pink lemonade. Pick between your pink and yellow base color and then freestyle, emboss, or stamp on your lemons in the alternating color.

Or you may opt to do individual blossoms on a few fingers, or develop a larger blossom all on your own. Only you can make your summer manicure something sweet.

Alternating Colors

The very first manicure design most of us understood when we began painting our nails is the alternating nail polish pattern. Not only is it an excellent option for anyone who is new to doing their nails at home, but it's also versatile because you can choose which color combination works best for you.

Various prints and contrasting shades can be combined for a fun and fashionable manicure.

Accent Nail 

If you're seeking a style that's a little more subdued, then a dot accent nail may be the right fit for you. An all-pink set with one or two accent nails or vice versa can be stylish and classy while still offering some summer fun and fashions.

You can also utilize decals in your alternative shade or stamp on an orange for your accent nail. You have plenty of alternative options to create a bold and totally original accent nail in your favourite shades of yellow and pink.


It's currently trendy to s qiggle and wave nails. They blend the charm of late-1970s aesthetics with an abstract aesthetic that gives off life and drives away whatever boredom and negativity might be affecting the wearer. Additionally, they also look great with bold and vivid color combinations, which is why the squiggle can serve as a great match for yellow and pink ensembles.

Use your wave design as an accent nail, pair it with white to really stand out, or apply pink and yellow waves across your whole set. They also make beautiful tips, so no matter what you choose for one more wave design, it's certain to inspire.


Since subtle and minimalist designs are fine, some days you'll desire to make a statement with your outfit. That's where an attention-grabbing yellow and pink neon pedicure comes in, and it's perfect for a summer party at a fair or down at a pool.

There are all kinds of methods to incorporate neon in a manicure, such as using a combination of multicolored streaks with bright white or using a splatter layout. Include glow-in-the-dark polish to your design for those late-night events when you're not getting enough rest.

Sunset Ombre 

If you re more interested in sipping cocktails on the beach, there is an ideal pink and white manicure design for you. Ombre is a soft and easy-to-achieve appearance that you can try at home making use of a simple makeup sponge and your favorite nail polish hues, and there isn t anything more breathtaking than the ombre of a summer sunset.

If you'd like to do something more with your nails, select the complementary shades of yellow and pink and then add your favorite oranges and purples for a true sunset ombre design. If you want to go for an ombre look, but you don't want to go all-out, consider an ombre design across your whole nail art that begins with yellow and ends in your favorite orange shade.


Florals are one of the local nail design choices here at Nailboo because they're so adaptable can be paired with any occasion or skill level. If you'd rather transport yourself to a summery vibe with pale yellow and pink coral, however, the full lemon settings aren't quite ideal for you, consider switching to another garden decoration.

Bring out your pink and yellow flowers against neutral-colored backdrops, create line art in darker shades, or apply this pair to pink backgrounds. No matter what hues you pick, your garden will appear exquisite.

Speckled Nails

Speckled nails are chic and lovely and an excellent method to coordinate polka dot nail designs and pink lemonade. Find speckle nail polish featuring pink and yellow glitter dots and get enjoyment from all that shimmer provides.

It's a simple at-home manicure design and so simple to distinguish as a mother-daughter look. You'll be the talk of the party if you are seen with it.


Pink and yellow are both bold and bright, but that doesn't mean that they may not look their best in more subtle shades, as well. The pastel variation of this color combination is ideal for those that favor the cottage style, and the lightest shades of pink and yellow can even be used as neutrals if you want. Pastels are an excellent choice for your early spring seasonal nails and help you to still maintain the style longer.

Polka Dots 

There's something uniquely fun about a pink and yellow manicure design, and what 's more fun than polka dots? If you're looking for a way to add a little whimsy to your upcoming manicure, then a pink and yellow polka dot design is the way to go.

Explore alternative varieties of dots, try out alternative dot sizes, or use polka dot nail color as your accent to create the exact look you desire.


We love a unique tip design, and the bright colors of pink and yellow are a great place for setting it up. If you have an inkling for a vibrant color, paint your base pink or yellow and use the reverse color for your nail tips.

Or an alternative base, use white as your neutral and cycle between the yellow and pink tips. It offers springy, fun color for a minimalist palette.


A new colorful manicure design offers the stylish and fun look you love for classroom environments, or you may choose to hide your fun or quirky personality in a more subdued way.

You can utilize accent nails, paint along the tip, or try out a speckled fresh paint, or you can bask in the best available patterns and styles like waves and polka dots. This color combination will have a good time with pastels, neons, or ombre, and the only limitation is your imagination.

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