Bridal Nails: How To Get Your Nails Ready for Your Wedding - Nails Principle

Bridal Nails: How To Get Your Nails Ready for Your Wedding

Bridal Nails: How To Get Your Nails Ready for Your Wedding

The range of your nail designs are generally based on your imagination. There may not be a limitation on your creativity, in regards to planning a nail design for your wedding. Whether you need simple and classy, modern or contemporary, or even a mixture of all these styles, we have a wedding manicure style that will help you feel gorgeous and confident on your special day.

If you want to take your style to the next level, then the easy-to-apply nail tip kits we carry are perfect for you. Whether you like gels, acrylics, gems, or dip polish manicures, we also carry guides and tutorials to help you master the perfect look for any event. Nowhere will you feel more at liberty to express your personality than in your wedding.

What To Consider When Picking Your Wedding Nails

There are many wedding styles to choose from, and it can be tricky to decide how your manicure should look. If you are looking for an elegant, subtle, or bright manicure for your wedding, consider the options below as you make your decision.

Nail Care in Advance

You have many things to remember when organizing and preparing for your wedding ceremony, but it is essential to add proper nail and hand care to the list. Take a few minutes a day to moisturize and care for your hands and nails in preparation for your wedding ceremony manicure. This will ensure your nails are healthy and solid and that there s no danger of damage during your wedding.

Test Out Your Look 

It's a good idea to prepare for your wedding day hairstyle early so that you have a better idea of what you want and how long the process will take. You will appreciate the all-around service this allows you to get on your big wedding day.

Consider Your Theme

A traditional wedding manicure is just that for a reason, but if you desire to make your manicure stick out, think about matching it to your theme or your dress. The color scheme, venue, and style of the ceremony really represents who you are and how far you re going together, and you can add that an additional specialness to your manicure, too. You may want to match your nails with jewelry or other statement items you may be wearing throughout the day.

Think About Your Lifestyle 

It's especially vital to try your wedding day manicure if you try out a look you've never had before. That is because various nail shapes and lengths will require different treatments, and you may not be accustomed to longer or additional nails.

You may want to take into consideration a vigorous plan if you are arranging an event or party with busy days that are full of action. It's also important to consider the clothing, as you will want to prevent any snagging or snagging on stickers and jewelry, so you can savor the entire event.

Schedule Your Manicure the Week of the Wedding

Of course, you want your manicure to be as fresh and clean on the day of the wedding as possible, but it’s still best to schedule your style the day before the wedding. To keep your nails clean and polished until the day of the event, schedule them beforehand.

It will enable you to be certain that your nails stay in place and won't be smudged or moved by any means during the day. And, of course, it will save you considerable time and energy on the real morning of your wedding, so you can just really revel in having the experience that you enjoy.

Remember, which types of manicures have various settings and style needs, so be certain you are doing sufficient research and consulting with your manicurist before making any reservations for your upcoming wedding-related appointment.

Keep Your Touch-Up Kit Close 

Accidents sometimes occur, but you do not always have to panic. It's good to have a small repair kit in your bathroom or bag with a bridesmaid. That way, if you chip your nail polish or break a nail during the day, you can fix it quickly and easily without disrupting the evening's festivities. Just one more little thing to worry about on your wedding day!

Classic Wedding Manicures 

Each bride is going to have a different approach when planning for the next great pedicure, but here are a few of our favorite classic wedding looks to emulate or mix and match on your wedding day.

Subtle and Stylish 

One of the most timeless wedding nail looks is nude and neutral. You can try matching it to your dress or choose a neutral white or off-white shade you truly love. Light pinks look wonderful as a wedding nail color, and the subtle tones look really great with rounded or square nails which are easy to handle and maintain.

French Tips 

French tips are a timeless and chic way to accessorize for your wedding manicure. You should probably rethink your traditional French tips, or reach for a double French tip for something different. Tips are simple to apply to the runes, for a little more length and classic style with your wedding manicure.


If you're concerned your nails may clash with your outfit or decor, an all-white look is the way to go. It helps to give your nails a polished and refined shine, but you can be assured your brilliant grin is really what shines out in every photograph.


Metallics are playing a key part in contemporary fashion without taking away from the all round style. They look elegant and pliable, and you can dress them from the loaded or icy palette. Try using decals or decorations if you want a bit of shine to amplify your manicure.

Brights and Bolds 

With white and neutral hues tied to a wedding, some individuals choose bold magentas and fuchsias to paint their toenails in to accentuate their sophisticated succulent look. If you have an autumn wedding, candy shades and lemon-yellows can offer a beautiful appearance, while mints and lilacs appear beautiful in spring and summer.

Decals and Stamps

There are many ways to personalize your wedding to make it your own, and adding special decorations or decals can be perfect for your special day. Gems in your favorite colors can add that special something, and heart-shaped symbols or decals will fit your wedding ceremony's theme perfectly. Subtle patterns or neutral colors will also make your nail art stand out, without taking attention away from the main event.

Here Come the Bride

There are so many fantastic ways to make your wedding your own, and the manicure is a great place to start. With different kinds of polish, colors, and styles to pick from, you can incorporate something really personal to your overall look when you try out a wedding day manicure you love, such as neutral shades, French tips, or a bold shade to match you wedding theme.

It s easy to prepare and maintain your wedding day manicure by trying out your preferred wedding day style ahead of time and taking time to let the manicure set. Don't forget to keep a manicure touch-up kit handy on your wedding day.

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