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6 Unique Nail Designs To Try Using Nail Dip

6 Unique Nail Designs To Try Using Nail Dip

When it comes to creating unique, beautiful manicure looks at home, you have many options to pick from. Each design or finish will carry its own unique finished product, and there are lots of great advantages to exploring the different materials and styles to search for the best product to fit your next event, occasion, or outfit.

We're all about the nail dip. You can do salon-quality nail dip manicures right from your home with an easy-to-use kit. With so many different style options available, you're sure to find a look you want to wear again and again. Here are some unique nail designs you should try out when you're ready for a new dip powder manicure.

What Is Nail Dip Powder?

Nail dip powder, one of the top selections when planning your manicure, shares similarities with acrylics and gels, but it has many benefits that make it stand out.

Dip combines powders and polishes for a perfect manicure at home, which you can save time and money on. Dip is easy to clean and long-lasting, as well as a quick way for a professionally exhibitified manicure at home.

Unlike acrylics and gels, nail dip powder does not require professional removal. You can remove it at home with acetone in just minutes, so dip powder is much less abrasive on the nail. It also dries quickly and continues to stay strong for several weeks, so your nail remains protected, intact, and safe from chipping and scraping.

Unique Nail Designs To Try Using Nail Dip

Powder can also be a good option if you re considering enhancing your nail art and design expertise. There are so many different ways in which to devise your next pedicure all your own.

1. Modern French Tip

It's hard not to enjoy a traditional French tip manicure. After all, it is a classic for several reasons. But when you revamp the dip manicure style, you can add your own spin to the look. Historically, French nail design has been done in whites and neutrals, but with nearly unlimited color options to consider when choosing your next nail coating, you can make a French tip design that's all your own.

There are a lot of ways to customize your French tip. You can experiment with different patterns of colors on the manicure, use a decal with the base of the nail and cover it with different colors, or spread white or colored layers on the tip. Whatever design you choose it will certainly be distinct from others.

2. Unicorn Colors 

Your next nail dip powder design will come in many different color combinations, and the only limit is your imagination. One of our favorite color palettes is the unicorn combination.

Combine shades of blue, pink, and purples with a small amount of yellow to create cotton candy sounds that really stick. Would you like to slay your unicorn look tonight? Consider an ombre design or utilize glitter and gold accessories and colors for a unicorn look that really sparkles.

3. Falling Stars 

We love a good glitter moment. Glitter is a creative way to add some pizzazz to your manicure, and the choices available to you for applying it are going to be endless.

Another look we really enjoy pays homage to the classic French tip. Use your favorite base color, then pick a glitter powder that contrasts nicely. Apply the glitter in a cascading pattern, either from the head up or the base down, for a feeling of movement and celestial beauty that can't be beat. You can use the cooler colors white and yellow to brighten summer and navy and gold to make the winds in the winter.

4. Mixing Metallic 

Dip nail polish offers an array of fashionable shades and designs. Not only do you have amazing Hollywood-inspired glitter nail polish choices, but you also can have metallic powders and a lot of other tactics to style your nails.

Consider creating an ombre rendering of metallics across your entire hand or each finger. Combine and mix metallic colors with flat or matte colors for a gorgeous combination, or choose a color and embrace it into a metallic gold, pink, or silver.

5. Diamond Decal Base 

Painting your nails can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but that shouldn't deter you from incorporating decals or stickers into your next manicure. There are so many different ways to use decals, stamps, and stickers in your manicure, depending on what you're doing.

A more subdued option is a base of diamond, either applied as a accent nail or across all your nail art. Using tweezers or the nail tool that you feel most comfortable with, apply a thin line of diamonds along the base of your nails once your preferred nail polish is completely dry. Several vibrant colors are arrayed creatively upon the beach. Check out how they bob and weave in the sunlight!

6. Summer Sunset 

Talking about sunlight, we can but adore a summer summertime look that embraces hot nights and memorable drinks and of course. You can ombre along the coatings or on each individual fingertip with shades of pinks, oranges, and yellows.

Try to leave bold and abstract, or add island details, such as palm trees and surfboards. This style also looks terrific in a matte powder, so explore your different options to discover the best summertime dip manicure style for you.


We can help you apply a dip powder for your next manicure. Or we can send the dip things that were specially designed to create a salon-quality manicure conveniently to your home. We share all we've learned and crazy about unique and spectacular manicure styles as well.

You're free to experiment with color combos, decal add-ons, and unique patterns to create an outcome that perfectly complements your outfit, activity, or mood.

Dip polish is an ideal choice for protecting your nails from damage, maintaining an appealing look, and saving money. It's also a good option for trying out new designs that will make you feel confident and boost any outfit. The only question is whether to try dip powder in a particular design first.

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