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How To Take Off Polygel Nails

How To Take Off Polygel Nails

You have many options to choose from when it comes to getting unique and gorgeous manicures. Not only are there are more colors and shapes than traditional, but you also have the pick of different application methods as well, from easy to use dip kits that you can test out at home to acrylics, to Shellac nails, and everything in between.

One new type of nail style that is now increasingly popular is polygel nails, which take features and elements of many nail styles to create an extensive and lustrous style that is bound to be fun. Like all types of nails, it is good to know how and when to apply and remove your polygel nails.

We make quality, salon-quality manicures available to the community. That's why we're always promoting new nail styles and offering our expert recommendations on prepping, applying, and completing this technique. Please consider viewing the polygel nail process here.

What Are Polygel Nails? 

You or others might be wondering, what are polygel nails? , and they may appear to be similar to acrylic or gel nails. You could also apply a polygel nail directly to your nail or make nails longer and more refined with the use of a polygel nail.

Similar to other nail types, polygel nails are also available in a broad range of colors. With their added benefit of being much lighter and less chemical-heavy than many other nail types, polygel are among the better all-around nail styles.

Rather than using prewar nails, you can also have the advantages of polygels. These are a few of the reasons you should incorporate polygel nails into your application.

How Can I Remove Polygel Nails

You will have three different options when removing your polygel nails, and you should comply with the style and requirements of your particular nail style. We present a look at your polygel nail removal options here.

Acetone Removal

Acrylics and gels can be removed with an acetone soak like polygel nails. This doesn't take long and is quite effective at removing your polygel nails. Here's what you should know to get started.

  • Step One: Cut off and file your nails. To begin, cut your nails to avoid breaking or snagging the tips. Then begin filing off the top layer of your polygel, taking care not to file too deep.
  • Step Two: Allow acetone to soak your cotton balls and place them onto the top of your nail. Wrap the cotton balls tightly with nail clips or foil and leave it in place for 10 minutes.
  • Step Three: Take off the foil or clips and clean the cuticle with cuticle pusher to get rid of the rest of the polygel from the surface of the nail. File down the surface if necessary.
  • Step Four: Acetone can be caustic, which is why it can be such an effective tool for removing polygel, but you have to be sure you are protecting your skin and nails. Lotion and cuticle oil will help to rehydrate the nail plate and the skin around it.

Use a Nail File 

If you would like to be gentler on the surface of the nail, or you do not have any acetone on hand, don't worry about this dilemma. Here's how to remove the polygel from your nails using a nail file: Here 's an overview of the filing removal procedure.

  • Step One: Trim the nail carefully, removing any soft or brittle excess.
  • Step Two: Use a file labeled with a 100 or 120 grit surface and gently and carefully begin removing polygel from the surface of the nail with gentle motions. Do not file after reaching the natural surface of the nail.
  • Step Three: Use a gentler instrument or a nailbuffer to remove the remaining polyacrylate polish on the surface of the nail. Apply cuticle oil and lotion to provide full moisture and health to the nail and nail bed.

Use an E File

Note: This is just one of the ways you may want to momentarily disable and remove polygel polish pellicle from your nails.

  • Step One: Remove your toenails to a desirable length.
  • Step Two: Begin filing by starting up the electric file and contigs on a low and gentle speed until you reach the center of the natural nail or the layer of polygel becomes thinner.
  • Step Three: Use a soft file or a buffer to wash off any remaining polycryl on the face of the nail.
  • Step Four: Apply a buffer or a soft file to get rid of the polycryl residue left on your nails.

Why Is It Important To Remove Polygel Nails Properly? 

There are many benefits to employing polygel nails, but many reasons you want to be sure to take them out carefully, too. Removing polygel nails is quite simple, especially when compared with other types of nail types. Below are a couple of reasons why it's worth the extra time and effort.

It Will Protect Your Nails From Damage

If we improperly remove our nail polish or adhesive nails, we can strip the nail and cause damage that can lead to the nail becoming brittle. When you apply the appropriate methods to remove a nail, you will be less likely to damage the nail and keeping it healthy and effective.

It Will Prevent Infections and Inflammation 

The damage done by the removal of adhesive nails and gel polish can lead to micro abrasions and slight cuts. It's recommended that you take care with the nails and hands throughout the course of the day. The tools provided for nail polish removal can help avoid inflammation and infections in the nail bed.

It Will Keep the Surface of Your Nails Smooth 

Keeping in mind your nails' need for air after applying a nail polish is important to ensure that you perform your next manicure efficiently.

Even if we scrape at our polish or use substandard tools to scrape it away, it can scratch and damage the surface of the nail plate, which makes it difficult to obtain a perfect shine the next time around. Taking the extra time and effort will ensure every manicure shines as bright as the first one.

It’s More Effective 

If you mindlessly scrape away at your nail polish applicator, you will results from it. Furthermore, carelessly using an applicator that could damage your nails will never yield an optimal result. Besides the proper tools and methods, for proper results you need to use a nail polish applicator.

Proper Removal Is Key

You may want to consider getting your hands slathered in polygels the next time you are interested in a manicure, just like many other manicure gels and cyanoacrylate adhesive nails. Ensuring that you properly remove them after your manicure is vital to safeguarding the nails, preventing infection, and keeping the surface of your nails smooth and healthy.

The good news is, you have a couple of good choices when it comes to removing your polygel nails. You could use an standard acetone method, or remove your polygel artificial nails using a file or e file. Whatever method is fast and convenient and will allow you to start up going for that next great manicure.

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