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How To Paint Your Nails: 11 Tips for 2022

How To Paint Your Nails: 11 Tips for 2022

There are a lot of ways that one can color or paint their nails at home, it can feel overwhelming to get started. But do not worry; finding a healthy, long-lasting manicure you can begin trying out with the tools you own is easier than you might think. There are a wide variety of different looks and designs from which to choose, making it easy to create an appearance you like.

We're here to help you with every step along the way. One of the core foundations of our business is the belief that affordable, high-quality manicures should be accessible to everyone.

That's the reason why we strive to offer superior-level nail dip kits that you can use from the comfort of your home. They will save you money and time as compared to going to professional nail salons. Additionally, we're sharing with you some of our secrets for painting nails and getting an attractive appearance with a do-it-yourself kit any time you want.

Check out the link to get access to a tutorial on how to style your own nails.

Why Is Proper Nail Care Important? 

Toenail and cuticle care is specifically designed to ensure correct nail and skin conditions. That's because the health of your nails can say a great deal about how healthy your entire body is.

The proper care of fingernails and nail treatments can impact the level of protection provided in the final nail product that cures them.

It Keeps Your Nails Healthy and Prevents Infection

Our hands and feet are subjected to a large amount of friction over the average day. The skin around our nails is particularly thin and sensitive, making it especially vulnerable to irritations and infections.

Keeping your nails centrally trimmed, clean, and protected with basic products and products, such as base coat with clear polish, can help you regularly deal with and eliminate any signs or symptoms of irritation as well as keep nails in good health later on.

Make sure to also cut your nails regularly with a pair of clippers and finally smooth them over to prevent nail peeling. You will find it easier to trim the cuticles if you do so when your nails are wet or if you use cuticle oil. Don't forget to clean your fingernails by taking a brush to dust your cuticles and nails. Have a bowl of water available so that you can rinse the nails.

It's also helpful for preventing nail bed irritation (which frequently happens at the bottom of the nail or along the side of it). When you have an understanding of what healthy nails look like, your ability to identify if something isn't right will be improved.

It Protects the Nails

A little nail maintenance goes a long way when it comes to empowering nail growth and safety. By maintaining your nails properly, you will make sure they re growing longer and stronger than they might otherwise be. This will help to minimize the ill effects of breakages or scrapes and facilitate their long-term maintenance, whether they simply receive a professional manicure service on occasion.

The Manicure Will Last Longer 

You will save money and trouble by having your manicure performed at your residence rather than going to a salon. This means that you will have less to worry about when it comes to removal, which must be performed by an experienced technician, depending on the type of nail you have. You can also enjoy your new look for days, or even weeks, further than you might, if you consider what a new hairstyle you might pick.

It Looks Better 

Nail care will help the longevity of your manicure, but nail care will actually make your manicure look better. When you take care for your nail polish, remove the polish properly, and avoid chipping, scratching, or picking at the nail surface, you'll have a smoother and cleaner surface for your polish or powder to adhere. A smooth stroke and an appealing, classy manicure at all times mean no bumpy polish. 

How To Paint Your Nails

You can choose between gel, acrylic, dip powder, shellac, or paint-based polish to color your nails. Each of these options has its own particular painting requirements and idiosyncrasies. There are, nonetheless, a couple of steps you are likely going to need for every time you make an appointment for a manicure.

We first introduced lots of tricks during our experience as a nail polish table. We've probably taught you a few as well.

1. Pick the Right Style 

The kind of nail you pick will depend largely on what you desire and need from your next manicure. Gel and acrylic nails will stay for a lengthy period of time, but will need an expert for removal. Paint polish is short-lived but can be removed easily, letting you try out new colors and designs.

Before your next nail appointment, be sure to take time out to consider all your options and choose the right one for your nail and cosmetic needs. Examine your options until you find a look that is right for you.

2. Decide on Shape 

You can change up the look and shape of your nails in many ways, and one of the more exciting options is to change your nail's shape. You don't have to cut or paint nails before you can trim or paint them, but you will certainly have to be conscious of the ideal shape you want for your finished look.

If you use your hands a lot or are klutzy, then nails of rounded, oval, or square shapes might be your best bet. If you are looking for a high-quality, professional appearance, then ballerina nails or stiletto nails may also be an option. Consider your final look before cutting down to your preferred size and shape.

3. Care for Your Nails 

It's important to take appropriate care of your nails, including cutting their cuticles and properly them. It's always a good idea to have a manicure kit accessible, along with an emery board, scissors, trimmer, and clear nail polish.

You don't need to apply nail polish for every single manicure. Just trim your nails to a comfortable length and remove hangnails or other uneven edges, apply your favorite oils and products to your nail base and cuticles, and foster nail growth.

4. Use High-Quality Products

Collecting nail polish in an assortment of colors and styles can be a lot of fun, but it's important to make sure you use the best items for the task. While it might be a little more expensive to obtain high-end manicure products in the beginning, it'll save you time and money in the long run and ensure that your nails are properly cared for.

Homemade nail polishes have fewer effects than high-quality merchandise and will have less impact on your health and wellness, so they should last for a longer time period. Also, you may lessen the risk of infections and stop staining your nails by following the right methods for preparing your nails.

5. Don’t Chip or Pick 

Such is a direct by-the-book habit we almost take for granted, we don't even notice that we are doing it. It's important that we don't overlook what our fingers do when we're not watching.

One way to take away scabs of nail polish is by chipping it off, but it could have adverse ramifications on the wellness of the nail and make it difficult to have a smooth, even coat the next time around.

Rather than scraping down the paint, if you scrape with it, you may cause the paint to scrape or scratch the nail, weakening it over time and, as a result, leaving the surface uneven and difficult to paint over.

It may be hard for you to notice when you're picking or scratching excessively at your nail polish, but ultimately, pay close attention. Your nails will thank you for your foresight.

6. Remove Your Nail Polish Properly 

It is very important for you to avoid breaking off and removing your nails, or else you might break the skin around them. You want to ensure that you remove all nail polish, decals, stamps, or nails properly, since removing nails like acrylics and gels can damage the skin around the nail easily. Nails with adhesive from the elements must be removed by a professional.

With dip nail powders, such as those you can find here at Nails Principle, you will need acetone, cotton balls, and nail clips. This will allow the polish to soak in the acetone for 15 to 20 minutes until it turns to liquid and does not cause any damage. When choosing polish to apply, it is always best to ask the professionals prior to doing so, just to be sure.

7. Allow Your Nails a Chance To Breathe

It's crucial to let the nail beds at the base to dry completely before reapplying nail polish. How long you need to wait between nail polish removal and applying your next manicure will depend on what kind of nails you have on and what type of polish you're using. If you wait one week between nail applications, your nails will have time to recover and become healthy, and you can experiment with a range of shapes so as to find your next perfect look.

8. Apply Top and Bottom Coats

There are a wide range of types of manicures and nail styles, and not all of them require accumulation of top and bottom coats. Nonetheless, if you receive a manicure that dictates topping or bottoming, it's always wise to do so. 

The bottom coat (also known as the first coat) plays numerous essential roles. To start with, it protects your nails from the polish, helping them stay sturdy and healthy. In addition, it helps the polish stick properly to your nails, making it a smoother and extra classy experience.

With the addition of a top coat, you seal in your final product and achieve that smooth and shiny salon-quality shine, but you’re also protecting your nails from damage, including cuts and scrapes. High-quality top- and bottom-coats are inexpensive, and they can do a world of good when helping you attain the final look you love.

9. Keep Your Skin and Hands Healthy 

Keeping fingernails healthy and skin around the nails and in the nail bed healthy is equally as critical as attentively caring for the nails themselves. Not only does cuticle damage and painful skin irritation result from careless nail maintenance, but can also contribute to significant infections.

You don 't want to bother about cutting, scraping, or even cracking dry skin anywhere on your hands and feet, which is prone to cracking and damage. You ought to take advantage of hand lotion and perhaps your favorite oils in your daily regimen.

The next time you get a manicure, don't forget to pamper your hands as well; that can be used to keep them nice and healthy. After all, who doesn't love having soft, happy hands?

10. Eat Well 

Attention needs to be paid to hair care, nail grooming, and daily skin care. However, a lot of that work is accomplished in the kitchen.

Our nails can supply valuable information regarding our overall health. If you discover that your fingernails are breaking more often or are discolored or bruised, consult your doctor.

Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water throughout the day can all contribute to the health and beauty of your nails, so cook up some fresh garden greens and drink plenty of water. 

11. Consider the Event or Theme 

Certainly, for painting your nails, the best thing is choosing the ideal tint, style and design. If picking the perfect style proves difficult, the next big occasion you are attending can provide inspiration. You can also draw inspiration from the seasonal color, ombre patterns, upcoming events or fashion, or your own wardrobe.

If you want to take your next manicure up a notch, you can add a special detail, such as an accent nail, stamps, stickers, and decals, 3D nail designs, or even an image of your favorite book character. With regards to stunning new nail styles and painting designs, the only limit is your imagination.


Nail painting can be a good way to express your creativity, as you have a lot of diverse choices from traditional shades to lively designs. You can select from your preexisting nail polish selection, or experiment with a modern look by exploring different methods of putting your color on your nails.

No matter what kind of style you decide to try out next, there are a few important things you’ll want to consider when painting your nails. To start, it’s always important to care for your nails and the skin around them, even if you aren’t planning to paint. This will help to ensure that they grow strong and healthy. 

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