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How To File Nails at Home Like a Pro

How To File Nails at Home Like a Pro

The most important step in proper nail care is filing. It is very easy to do at home and will keep your nails healthy and strong for a long time. Make sure you follow these few guidelines when filing your nails, however.

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Why Is Nail Care and Filing Important? 

Perhaps you're wondering whether you need to file your nails. If the nails become short or if you paint them frequently, you may file them less. That said, there are also many different benefits to routine nail care, such as filing, including some of the following.

It Keeps Your Nails Healthy 

The best way of maintaining your nails healthy and safe is with regular manicures and care. Consistent trimming, filing, and polish application will prevent damage to your nails, and protect them in the future.

It Helps Nails Grow Strong and Long

Nail care and proper manicures aid nail growth and help you form longer nails. This is particularly helpful if you desire very long nails with complex shapes and designs. You will have thicker and stronger nails with a little bit of regular filing and care, and that's an advantage you can rely on for many years to come.

It Prevents Infections and Irritations

Our fingers and nails are used throughout the day for a variety of tasks, so theyre often exposed to microorganisms and pathogens. This can be even more hazardous if we have a tendency to bite or pick at the nail, which can irritate and result in damage to the nail bed and nail.

When you clean and file your nails properly, you reduce the risk of injuring the nail or the skin around it. This means you will likely experience only moderate inflammation and irritation, which is conducive to nail health over a long period.

It Can Tell You About Your Overall Health 

It is essential for us to get enough nutrients and to take care of our overall well-being since total wellbeing can affect the health of our nails. The same applies too. Our nails can reveal what our bodies are experiencing.

Look out for any discoloration, deterioration, or recurring damage on or around the nail. All of these symptoms could suggest an underlying condition that needs to be addressed immediately. Keep your nails in check, and you will notice any abnormalities sooner.

It Helps Your Nails Look Great 

If you want to get manicures or just strip them off, healthy, smooth nails are always a confidence booster. Taking proper care of your nails, along with periodic trimming and filing, will allow you to have a healthy base for the next one's great manicure. A well manicured nail also accentuates your hand's loveliness.

An experienced manicure can help you feel at ease throughout the day, regardless of the style you prefer.

How To File Your Nails at Home 

One of the simplest nail care tasks you can perform is filing, however, it is crucial to keep in mind that you're doing it correctly. Here are a few things and tactics to keep in mind to make sure your fingernails remain healthy and strong.

Prepare Your Nails 

Nail care goes beyond simple filing. You can find many ways to protect and care for your nails throughout any home manicure process.

To begin, make sure you wash your hands to remove the debris and dirt that may accumulate under the nail tips and lead to festering issues and ailments. By refraining from filing wet nails, you'll reduce your chance of cracking and destroying the nails.

Trim First

If you're going to try a temporary nail design, you'll want to file your nails first. Filing is generally done to even out rough edges and to get rid of irritating or untidy patches of the nail. You mustn't use the filing process to alter the length of the nail, as applying too much pressure can result in damage or even fracture.

First, file your nails to the length and shape that you want to try. Next, give your nails a two-colored look or go with an intricate glitter design.

Use the Right Tools

If you're in a pinch, you can use the tools available instead of a file to fix your nails. Still, a nail file is the best option. Always be sure to clean and care for your nails.

Test different options with different nail files to find the right one for your nail care needs.

Go Slowly 

When filing your nails, you intend to take your time. If you rush the process, you can file the nail too short and have a sharp end, which might cause complications. You also can damage your nails if you rush. So take your time while filing, listening carefully to your nails for when you've filed too far.

Skip the Back and Forth

The traditional method of filing our nails is not the best way to get the job done. When we use a sawing motion, our nails may become uneven or filed way too short. Cutting into the nail too often may also result in it becoming more uneven, which is not well-suited for the nail.

The next time that you file your nails, skip the back and forth method. Your nails will thank you for that.

File Toward the Center 

How do we file our nails if we don't use the standard back and forth motion, as we learn often? You actually should start at the outside of the nail and work your way in.

Each of your nails can be regarded as two different shapes or pieces. File them in from all sides or corners until they meet in the middle. Once you have filed them through each corner, it will make it much easier to achieve the perfect native shape, then you can polish it if you like.

With this method, you'll get a smoother, cleaner, and more comfortable appearance each time you file your nails.

Follow the Natural Nail Shape 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when filing your nails is to conform to the natural shape of the nail. The majority of people have different nail shapes, which means you may have nails of different sizes on both hands.

When you follow the shape of the nail, you are less likely to break or chip it, which makes the nail look smoother and stronger.


You generally need to take care of your nails for a variety of reasons. It contributes to the expansion of your nails and keeps them healthy and resistant to infections for a long time. It also decreases your risk of infection and ensures your nails are appealing and well shaped for your next manicure.

One of the most effective ways to care for your nails is through regular filing. And it's easier than you might think. The next time you file your nails, remember a few tips. Always use the right equipment for the job, follow the shape of the nail, and file from the corners, rather than using a sawing motion.

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