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How To Do a French Manicure: The Best Step by Step Guide

How To Do a French Manicure: The Best Step by Step Guide

The French manicure is one of the most elegant nail styles for elegance ever created, and it's easy to see why. Elegant, sophisticated and stylish, the French manicure uses neutral shades to create a truly wonderful look. A few simple steps will guide you to that particular style.

We are here to provide you the help you need. Along with carrying a large assortment of items and supplies, like a nail dip kit, we also have all the specialized advice you need on the beauty and elegance of French manicures. Have a look at our article on applying your own French manicure, so you can achieve the traditional styles you adore.

How To Get a French Manicure at Home 

The French manicure was the brainchild of a mix of talents that developed it for use in Hollywood. The invention was originally created to make costume changes on movie sets faster and easier. Neutral colors complemented the lengthening and slimming effect, which led to its usefulness on many different styles and outfits. It became a universal favorite among models and fashion designers, and has remained in high fashion to this day.

Getting a classic French manicure is simple to do, and you only need to follow the steps listed in the article. A French manicure can be done in your own home with a little effort.

Step One: Remove Your Nail Polish

Whenever you're yearning for a fresh coat of nail polish, you should remove all of the polish that's currently there first. Not only does this enable you to get a smooth coating, but doing so helps to keep your nails healthy and strong as well.

Step Two: Shape and File

After removing the nail polish and shaping your nails, you'll need to cut and smooth your nails' edges to prevent pulling or irritation. While French manicures are traditionally applied to oval or square nail shapes, you can vary the look by doing whatever else you'd like with a nail shape that's suitable for the shape of your finger, like a stiletto, ballerina, or squoval shape.

Step Three: Cuticle Care 

You must also seek treatment for your cuticles, as the base and lower regions of the nail, as they're quite important and must be preserved to look good. If you plan on prolonging the appearance of your nails, be sure to hydrate the cuticle and then try and use the right products, to prevent tearing or damage.

Step Four: Moisturize

One of the most important things you should do when keeping up your nail health is to make certain that your skin around your nail is kept properly-moisturized. This helps reduce the chances of cracking, itching, and irritation, and will keep your skin and nails feeling healthy and looking smooth. This also ensures that your manicure lasts a long time and looks great.

Step Five: Apply the Base Coat 

Depending on the type of neutrals you get, French manis can take your base coat to amazing new levels and complement the simple elegance of the neutral nail polish well. No matter if you like a subtle, neutral style or a bright, beautiful look, your manicure will shine wonderfully with a strong base coat.

Step Six: Add Your Tips

The French manicure's most iconic feature, besides the tooth, is the option of customizing it according to your own taste. The cheapest option would be a nail posted straight across the nail's surface, and the nail can be customized in various ways, including interlocking with the crescent shape on the end, which is seen most often on French manicures.

There are a variety of different options available for unique and fun French manicure tips, including thinner or thicker lines, tips in different colors other than white, and tips with prints or decals. There are several great options available for French manicures, including thin or thick lines, trendy tips in different colors other than white, and tips with stamps or decals.

Whether you decide to add rhinestones or plain sprinkles to your French tips, there are a few simple methods for achieving a clean, uniform line every time. One convenient option for straight lines is manicure tape, which will allow even the most disorganized manicurist to achieve the look they delight in with ease.

If you want to give the nail a more natural look, then shaping it to follow along the curve will be your best option. This method gives you greater control over the endless tuft as you work your way to the tips. This will help you accomplish the fashionable French tip effect.

Step Seven: Apply Your Pink Polish 

Once your fingers have dried out, you then want to work on the coating of sheer pink polish. The uncoated application of white tips gives the traditional French manicure its traditional look.

The polish gives an elegant, natural appearance to the manicure by leaving its borders uniform and by balancing it out with glossier, neutral tones. The color of pink is one of the reasons we adore a French manicure so much.

Step Eight: Seal With Your Top Coat 

Now that you are ready to create that unique and stylish French tip manicure, you want to make sure it remains shiny as long as possible. To achieve this goal, apply a layer of topcoat.

Once your pink polish layer has completely dried, apply the top coat for your fingernails while continuing to the next activity. This will ensure the polish is smooth and finished for protection from chips and damage, so you can use your favorite options.


There are many good reasons to fall in love with a classic French tip manicure. It s trendy, timeless, and perfect for accentuating many different looks and designs, and you can wear it all year round. After all, there's good reason for Hollywood elites and runway models to put its signature style in the spotlight for years.

The manicure is simple to do at home, and you can change the style and look of your French tip any way you like. All you need is a few basic colors. A nail kit will help provide you with smooth and stylish manicures and will keep your nails healthy and strong for a long time.

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