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Can You Do Designs With Dip Nails?

Can You Do Designs With Dip Nails?

If you need long-lasting, long-lasting, and personalized manicures that truly display your ideal look, what's better than dip nails? Dip nails are easy to apply at home and help you obtain salon-quality styles without breaking the bank. You can even remove them by yourself using a few equipment, which makes them more accessible and user-friendly than acrylic nails.

You might still be able to enjoy your favorite clothes and designs with the assistance of nail dip kits. We are happy to inform you that it's easy to use decals, tips, and more different designs when you are trying out our nail dip kits and manicure supplies. Here are a couple of the best ways to obtain unique nail designs when you dip.

What Is a Nail Dip Manicure? 

You have many choices when it comes to your manicure in the future, including gels, acrylics, Shellac nails, and more. If you're interested in the advantages of home nail dips, then nail dipping kits are an excellent choice for you.

You will apply a base coat, dip your nail into the color powder of your choosing, and apply an activator. They are fun, festive, and they work for every style and shape of nail, from short nails to long.

Nail Dip Designs

Dipping nails is a long-lasting way to make nails look shiny, chic, and beautiful, in addition to offering many opportunities for creative expression.


If you prefer combining classic looks with trendy touches, you might enjoy adding a French tip to your nails. Try out neutral French tip manicures, or apply tips in pastels, neons, or an ombre of several colors for a bold take on a classic favorite. These looks are easy to achieve, even if it’s your very first time trying out a dip kit, and they’re sure to make your manicure the talk of the party. 


We love a glitter nail look—and it’s easy to achieve with dip nail manicures. You can apply a full glitter set, use a glitter nail as an accent, or even try out glitter tips. With so many colors and shades of glitter powder to pick from, you’re sure to find a style and palette you really love. Mix and match cool glitter powders for your next dip manicure. 


An ombre or gradient look is easily recreated by simply dip-painting your nails, but it offers similar styling ideas to traditional polishes as well. You just have to stretch the strokes of different colors out a bit, so the process takes a little practice.

Opt for bold and extravagant designs in jewel tones or try celebrating the winter season with airy and pastel pastels. Opt for your ombre dip polish manicure and you can be sure that it will look unique, refined, and beautiful.


You will find no lack of things to adore about applying a little additional bling to your favourite nail style. Installing nail decals is a fantastic way to add extra shine to your hands, and you can make them adhere to their own particular shades. They are fairly simple to use once the powder has dried on your nails.


If you're still looking to revive the shine in your nail art but want something different, you could always add some foil accents, which will be more subtle than glitter but will still provide an attractive look.

Regardless of what setting you are in, gold and silver foils will help you look your best. Mix and match your chosen foil colors with the perfect dip powder shades for your wardrobe or upcoming big event.

Nail Base Design 

We get used to staining the top of the nail when designing and styling the dip powder, however, you are able to have a distinct appeal once you place the dip powder into the base of the nail as well. If you are applying the dip powder, make sure you do so completely to the base of the nail, so the process will be simple, even if you've never attempted dip polish nails before.

You have many choices when it has to do with designing bases. Make use of unique colors, cascading effects, a speck of glitter, or any distinct new nail style you can think of.

Geometric Lines

It's simple to discover geometric lines and shapes with food coloring from your nail polish. Geometric patterns can be applied freehand or with the use of manicure tape or other tools, and the end result is always very dramatic and unique.

Opt for a fun selection of complementary colors or go for an eye-catching contrast that will not be overlooked. You can also mix and match your preferred geometric pattern with a special design tip that generates a whole new angle on the classics.

Designs and Drawings 

You can add additional items and designs to your nails, just as you could with acrylic and gel nails. Afterward, you must add your final topcoat and add your custom creations by hand or with gels, using stamps and frames for achieving polished and elegant looks from the initial application.

We love a novel and cute look to express yourself and your nails for proteins, floral, or witchy designs throughout the warmer months and fall. No matter your preferred style, you are bound to discover the appropriate way to show your personal style after your next common manicure.

When you apply the nail polish, make certain that all of the final pieces are properly set up so your manicure is long-lasting and high-quality and so you can show off your lovely nail designs for many years to come.


If you're interested in trying out the different nail designs are available to you, start with nail dip tools and figure out which ink surface is best suited to your needs. Our goal is to aid nail designers by ensuring they have all the resources and knowledge they need to produce the nail designs they desire, whether that's gems, glitter, decals, ombre styles, or stamps.

When it comes to your signature nail design, you don't have to choose between a long-wearing, low-impact design and your desired aesthetic. Many ways exist to wear your preferred nail design with your favorite nail dip kit, and Nailboo makes it simple from the first step.

Browse the range of shades and color tools and peruse our gallery of guides and nail art ideas to get started. Don't forget to share your favored looks!

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