Ballerina Shaped Nails and Coffin Shaped Nails: A Guide To Styles - Nails Principle

Ballerina Shaped Nails and Coffin Shaped Nails: A Guide To Styles

Ballerina Shaped Nails and Coffin Shaped Nails: A Guide To Styles

You can have a beautiful-appearing brand-new manicure on your hands and feet right at home by following a few easy techniques. There are many unique styles to choose from, but we are here, we're all about the dip polish technique, because it's long-lasting, affordable, easy to make yourself, and packed with creative outcomes.

You can select from an assortment of options and mix colors, patterns, and stickers. To create a manicure that stands out from others, you may want to choose unique nail shapes.

You can craft the nail shape you wish by yourself or consult with your nail professional at the salon to make the best new shape, but it is easier than you might expect to get the right nail form.

Nails Principle will have you looking your best no matter what kind of manicure you choose to have. Our nail art kits and color combinations include a lot of options to choose from. Learn all about nail design and discover some of our growing collection of nail ideas and guides.

What Are Different Nail Shapes? 

Nails are not just one of many characteristic features of the human body; there's a style for everyone. If you frequently nibble your nails or are looking for a low-maintenance style since you work with your hands throughout the day, then round or square nails could be a suitable option for you. They continue to be easy to upgrade, but nonetheless, you have no need to fret over safeguarding them from damage. Oval and almond nails are a decent option if you plan to aim for the middle. They are a little longer and can be erred on to create an elegant statement, but are also lengthy and allow you to play it safer as well.

If you want bold, glamorous looks, you may want to choose longer and more elaborately curved nail designs. Ballerina nails and coffin nails are examples of such designs, but you also have the option to go with lipstick shapes, stilettos, arrows, and more.

Ballerina Nail Ideas 

Ballet slippers are an especially popular shape for ballerina nails. The shaped sides are also reminiscent of the shape of a coffin, which is why the names are often used interchangeably. Here are some of our finest pedicure nail designs for ballerinas.


The distinctive outline of the ballerina fingernail is already quite bold and dramatic. Consider the angled, sweeping design with a triangular tip that starts to level at the tip of the nail then swoops down to the length of the nail for a look-in-motion.

Matte Nails 

Ballerinas leave an indelible mark on not just their toes, but the vivid and rich matte nail polish style does as well. They can be any number of light shades or a few tried-and-true neutral shades. They will let you show off the outline of your nails perfectly.

Groovy Vibes 

You can get groovy waves on any shape or style, but ballerina nails offer the perfect canvas because their shape is long and broad, providing a larger area for designing. Select your favorite colors to incorporate bold waves into your design. Add some decals with fresh floral patterns to enhance the look.


There are so many ways you can incorporate sparkles and glitter into your next manicure, and ballerina-shaped nails are not exception. Consider a subtle look, with an ombre fall of glitter going from tip to base or up from the nail bed. Or try embracing a bold and unconventional glitter look that unleashes every inch of its potential, in shades of golds, whites, and pinks.

Gems and Decals 

Add rhinestones to any nail with a unique shape to add a high-end charm to it. You can also add geometric shapes, lines, and designs to your gems, as well.


Various beautiful botanical designs can be fitted onto your next nail design. Consider using big, bright flowers, studying the classic illustrations of celebrated botanists, or incorporating no more than a few subtle butterflies to complete the look. There are several different ways to include floral designs to your next manicure, so you will be sure to find something that's perfect with your personal appearance.

Coffin Nail Designs 

Coffin nail designs look very similar to ballet nails, but they are actually more pointed, similar in shape to a traditional coffin design. The bold and geometric designs make them appear sophisticated and appealing, giving you many opportunities for nail design ideas. Here are a few of the most popular design types.

Highlight the Tip 

The most fascinating attribute of a coffin nail is the geometric tip. Accentuate the tip with colored borders in ombre, cascading polka dots, or leopard print of your favorite colors.

Geometric Nails 

The decorative lines and designs found on coffin handles make developing your own abstract patterns a breeze. Choose a gorgeous plant or animal decal, or take advantage of the natural textures of criss-crossing geometric lines.

Clear Nails

Coffin nails are long and boldly shaped so they have the potential to really set the stage, which is why they are such a good idea for your accent nails. Clear nails are able to stand alone or be used as an accent nail when paired with your preferred colors.

You may want to have your coffin nail completely clear or embellished with pressed flower decals, gold leaf, or any other design or style that best fits your desires.

Marble Nails

You can choose from a multitude of marble nail looks to suit your style. Marble nails are beautiful and dress up any type of nail, and it's easy to achieve this look at home using contrasting colors.

All you need is a sip of water. One reason that coffin nails are a great shape for the marble style is that they roll off the desk nice and long and wide. Which means you have plenty of area to show your favorite marble patterns. Why not add a little gold leaf while decorating?

Storytelling Nails 

You can make a motif using painting or drawing on an individual nail or over your nail set when your nails are long and defined. Forest scenes with palm trees and sunsets, references to your favorite books or movies, and stickers and artwork of your favorite foods can all be great add-on embellishments for the illustration you are designing.

Constellation Nails 

If you love capturing the sky, then a constellation nail design may be perfect for you. Start with painting your nails in shades of blue and navy, then apply stars in white or gold with star decals at hand for a little something extra. Do not forget to match the night skies and star placements to the time of year. The sky has always been such a beautiful sight.


Whether you're searching for a stunning ballerina design for your next manicure or just can't seem to get enough of the coffin look, We're here to help you. We're here to help you find decorating and creative ideas for nail shapes, sizes, and types, so you are able to achieve the desired looks for any season, event, or holiday throughout the year.

Ballet and coffin nail boxes are particularly fun to decorate in since they provide ample space to make interesting designs in different colors or with decals, glitter, and stamps. You can accentuate the most relevant characteristics of the nails and highlight their special shape, add swirls, waves, or marble designs, or try out relying on the size and shape of the nails to visualize and create innovative geometric shapes in the fingers.

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