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9 Ways To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

9 Ways To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

The right nail art can often be a wonderful form of self-expression and imagination. When your nails are polished and glowing, it can present you with confidence to take on the meetings and events of your busy day. Whether you get your nails done professionally or get crafty, it is a fantastic approach to enhance your confidence for the day. Keeping your manicure looking its best is an excellent means of saving money and making your fingernails look chic and tidy.

Ways To Make Your Manicure Last Longer 

You have a wide variety of styles and types to select from, and each item has their own individual needs for care. Some nails are long-lasting, while others may wear away over time, depending on the application method, nail material, and other factors. Here s a look at some of the best ways to ensure the life of your at-home manicure.

1. Remove Your Nail Polish Properly 

The old nail polish has to be completely off the nail before you apply a new coat off. While it may be tempting to engage in thin layers of the outdated polish, avoid doing this.

It can cause damage to the nail and make obtaining a clean surface for the next application difficult. Properly removing the polish helps to keep the nail in good condition and ensures you get a solid seal, so it will last you longer and look great.

2. Prepare Your Nails 

You need to clean up the cuticles of the fingers and toes, clean them, and prepare them for a fresh coat of polish. Moisturize the skin in the area around your toenails, gently file and buff, and apply your oils. When you need to push back your cuticles, you must use the right tools for the job. Keep your tools and appliances clean and sanitized to prevent contamination.

3. Apply a Base Coat 

Your base coat can protect your nail when applying bright colors or dark. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients that can help to protect the surface of your nail. Your topcoat is helping to guarantee your painting endures as long as possible.

4. Apply and Reapply Top Coats 

In addition to applying base coat before your coat of polish, you will also have to apply top coat once the polish is already on. Top coats are designed to shield your manicure, prevent chipping, and minimize damage from sunlight and other environmental conditions that can fade the brightness of the manicure. Apply a topcoat after two to three days of the first manicure, to protect the coating for a bit longer.

5. Stick to the Nail 

Painting your nails can be challenging, and oftentimes polish can end up in places where it does not belong, such as underneath the nail near your skin. It is recommended to quickly bathe off any excess paint after being able. After the paint dries and begins to peel, it can actually have the paint come off the nail with it.

6. Protect Your Nails and Nailbeds 

In addition to protecting your nail beds during a manicure, you have the ability to protect them afterward, as well. Wear gloves when using caustic chemicals or spending time in cold environments, and moisturize often.

When our nails experience extreme temperatures or drying ingredients, they can become brittle and irritated, causing the skin around the nail to dry out and crack. This can potentially damage your existing manicure, making it hard to achieve a smooth line the next time you visit a parlor for a manicure, so ensure you invest in quality hand and cuticle cream and exchange hand sanitizer for soothing soaps.

7. Avoid Biting or Chipping the Nail 

It's important to try to avoid biting your nails as much as possible. If we bite the nail, we can easily go to the root of the nail and expose the soft tissue below. We also introduce a host of contaminants from your mouth to the surface of the nail and vice versa that can cause irritation and infection. If you have a stubborn hangnail, use the appropriate tools to carefully remove it or cut it out, making them clean and to prevent infection.

Extreme nail-biting, another common habit, is associated with chipping away at the nail polish until maintenance is necessary. If you notice large amounts of nail-biting and paint chipping that shortens the in-between manicure, try to figure out why you engage in this behavior or make positive changes to prevent picking at your nails.

8. Follow the Shape of Your Nail

Make sure to follow the natural shape of the nail when you trim or buff your nails in order to avoid unnecessary damage or breakage. Many different nail designs are available, such as square and almond, however your natural nail shape is unique. Take a close look at that shape as you're passing it during your manicure in order to strengthen it and keep your manicure intact for as long as possible. There are many options in shorter nail styles and designs.

9. Paint the Tip

We often overlook the tip of the nail, but applying a coat of paint thereto can make a huge difference. The tip of the fingernail is largely susceptible to damage, exposure, and breaking, but a thin layer of paint can aid to protect and lengthen the life of the manicure. It's also a great way to add a little something different to your next design by trying out fun nail tip styles. If you do not want to make a complete mess when you paint the tip of your nail, simply add a few drops to a non-soluble surface and gently dip your tip into the paint.


You need to treat yourself to a fantastic manicure that can last for a while. The good news is, there are many ways that you can prolong the lifespan of your manicure and get the most from your cherished looks. Always follow proper manicure care by properly removing your nail polish, using clean and sterilized tools, and applying oils and moisturizers. A base coat provides better adhesion to primer, and a top coat can help to protect your nails from environmental exposure.

The former step, among a plethora of other options, is the top one to consider when you're ready to try out the nail dip process. At Nailboo, we have everything you need to accomplish salon-quality looks without breaking the bank, so feel free to browse our selection of tools, paints, guides, and more.

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