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6 Beautiful Pink Nail Designs in Style Right Now

6 Beautiful Pink Nail Designs in Style Right Now

Nail designs are great for expressing yourself. Armed with the design of a nail, there are so many things it has the capacity to be. We will take you step-by-step through six hot pink design options for dip powder manicures.

Pink: Why All the Fuss?

Pink is a color that is used to evoke love, calmness, and delightful things. And the shade is well suited for the manicure. Pink calms your heart, leaving behind you feeling soothed. We take inspiration from these nail polish hues in the following dip powder design. We hope you're inspired also!

Why Is Dip Powder Better Than Gel?

Your friends may be of the opinion that gel is the best way to go, however, dip powder manicures are displayed to be the better solution for many reasons. An amateur can utilize a dip powder manicure! In case you did not know:

  • Powder is easily removed at home using dip powder. 
  • Dip powder comes in hundreds of vibrant colors. 
  • Dip powder lasts up to two weeks longer than acrylic. 
  • Dip powder costs less than acrylic and other salon manicures.

Why Is Nail Prep Important?

Nail prep demands a few extra minutes, but you'll get more than you give. Nail prep involves some simple steps so that a fantastic mani will last. These measures include:

  • Sanitize your hands and cuticles. 
  • Push back the cuticles. 
  • Remove any dead tissue from the cuticle area. 
  • File, buff, and shape the nails. 
  • Wipe the nails with alcohol to remove oil and dirt.

1. Winter Pink Ombre

The winter pink ombre I used was minimal but dazzling. It looks amazing in any occasion and at any time of day. The glitter just added just the right amount of glam without being too extravagant.

2. Sweet and Sour Nails

Bring the sweetness of sweet and sour candy to your fingertips with the Sweet and Sour powder mani. A small sweet and a little tart, this mani offers a little bit of everything. Use Pink Lemonade on the pointer finger and ring fingers Apply Princess Pink to the thumbs and middle fingers. The mix-matched pink shades complement each other beautifully to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

3. Pink Glam Nails

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives. The Pink Glam manicure adds just enough glitter to make you feel like a million bucks.

Pro Tip: To enhance the appearance and feel of your manicure, affix crystals to your nails with a nail adhesive. You can add crushed gems or metallic pieces to the cuticle area around your nails for a more Instagram-inspired look.

4. Sugar and Spice Marbled Nails

Sugar and spice and everything nice! The design includes dip powder in colors Velvet Lust and Latte Lady. Utilize the Velvet Lust pink as your all-over color and the Latte Lady powder to add marbled effects.

5. Unicorn Rainbow Nails

So far, you've most likely noticed that unicorn everything is trending among the RN. The twisting swirls of purple, blue, green, pink, and white add magical vibes to just about anything. The Unicorn Rainbow nail design is no exception.

Divide each nail into four equal portions. Sprinkle each section with a different colored powder. Apply multiple layers of the powder onto each section to achieve the desired opacity. These four colors let you obtain the ideal touch of unicorn color fantasy.

Pro Tip: Draw black striping polish and draw simple unicorn eyelashes and ears. To make the eyelashes, draw two lines per eye. Then draw three upward curved lines extending from each line upward to make the lashes. Paint unicorn ears by drawing a cheil­bone above the eyes. Use gold striping paint to design a unicorn horn.

6. Sunset Shades Nails

Every evening, oranges, pinks, and amber colors paint a beautiful picture in the sky s canvas. A breathtaking sunset is among the many wonders of nature, so Sunset Pink has a calming effect and brings the warmth and serenity of nature s artwork to your nails.


You can't have unpainted nails at any time of the year. Our kits let you design your nail look on your own without additional tools. We have a variety of kits to suit any style.

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