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12 Fall Nail Styles for This Fall Season

12 Fall Nail Styles for This Fall Season

It doesn't matter what you're searching for in fall nails, there's a style that satisfies you. There s in the fall, an occasion-specific pattern for any taste.

We can help you locate your perfect look effortlessly. We understand everything related to nails, from simple at-home dip items to details regarding the latest trends in nail polish. Whatever you may need to get you your preferred looks, we offer it at a good price point. Don't forget to share your favored October nail looks.

Fall Nail Styles 

Fall is a wonderful season to experiment with new nail designs and styles. The bold new colors and comforting seasonal holidays make it easy to set up new nail designs, palettes, and decals. The only concern to consider is what design to try out first.

1. Halloween 

When it comes to fall nail designs and patterns, there's really nothing better than the Halloween season. You can experiment with chic and stylish nail designs with black and red colors or recreate your favorite Halloween classics such as spiders and monsters right on the surface of the nail. Have fun with fun Halloween colors like green and purple, or match your Halloween nail design to that costume.

2. Fall Color Palette 

The hues of autumn aren t your only option when it comes to embracing a fall palette. If you're looking to go beyond your typical Halloween color palette and find something distinctly autumnal yet professionally elegant, a sumptuous collection of fall colors is where you want to be. You can use red, orange, and brown tones, or bring in burgundy and olive shades to create a memorable fall feel.

3. Checkered Nails 

We loved plaid suits and curtains in autumn, so we especially enjoyed this checkered pattern. Pick your favorite colors from the seasonal palette and create a pattern of intersecting lines inspired by your favorite plaid skirt. There s no other method to obtain the classic dark academia manicure eye look.

4. Pumpkin Nails 

One of the most iconic aspects of fall is pumpkin, which you can replicate right on the surface of your nails. Select a half pumpkin pattern, with large, thick lines in a darker tone of orange than the base of the pumpkin, or complete pumpkins, that are already carved. If you're afraid of drawing freehand, stamps and decals can help you achieve these final results.

5. Leaf Nails 

Nothing beats the crunch of the leaves under your feet in the autumn season. We re embracing the falling leaves this season with numerous beautiful leaf designs. You can apply the design to the peak or base of your nails, so the leaf looks like it s falling, draw on the intricate web of the leaves, or create a tree trunk fanning over your pedicure contents.

6. Witchy Nails 

You may want to go for more of a spooky fall vibe. There are many terrific methods to create a witchy manicure. Try lunar manicure decal styles to add your favorite moons and stars to your set, or go for a dark and mysterious look with shades of blacks, greens, and reds. The chilly fall months are excellent for developing a classic witchy look.

7. Gold Leaf Nails 

If you adore all-natural nails, gold leaf d├ęcor is the ideal option. You can apply them in an attractive cascading pattern, using small and large tiles that add a slight motion to your hand. Most of the classic fall colors look lovely when combined with gold, which is also frequently used in the cold months.

Mix and match your gold leaf tips with your preferred base colors, such as vibrant oranges and rich reds, to create the appearance of a natural glow. The final look feels warm and natural, making it ideal for shopping and work.

8. Tortoise Nail

The tortoise pattern is a fashion staple that takes its inspiration from nature. The name gets its inspiration from the astonishing patterns on tortoiseshells, and the brown and black patterns and colors make it a trendy option for your fall manicure lineup.

We can make a tortoise pattern useful for formulas or a base, or we can use it as an accent nail. Tortoise patterns are always quite lovely, but they're also an excellent way to celebrate a certain season.

9. Character Nails 

You don't have to be limited to the Halloween season when you want to decorate your space with a fanciful woodland theme. Add fox, owl, and other creatures in fall colors to make your nails evoke a glorious nostalgia. Try out forest mushrooms with cute caps or small leaf dancers, or paint characters from books or films on your nails.

10. Accent Nails 

You want something a little extra special for your next manicure, but it perhaps doesn t need to be overwhelming? Accent nails are the way to go. You can add small designs, such as pumpkins, leaves, or Halloween characters to only one or two of your nails, at the end, base, or corner. You ll still achieve the fall style but in a more subdued manner.

11. Fall Glitter 

We love glitter patterns year-round, and between the many gorgeous colors to pick from, fall glitter is bound to stand out in every use. You can apply fall glitter paint to an accent nail or paint your whole hand for a sparkle effect. glitter can be employed for an accent nail or simply placed behind the illustration of fall foliage for a lovely seasonal look.

12. Fall Speckle

You can achieve a somewhat more organic fall look by incorporating a beautiful ornamental design with speckles. Speckles are quick and easy to create, making them ideal for first-time nail artists. Just outline the color that you were in the mood for as the new backdrop, then flick the brush tip on different contrasting autumn colors for a patterned design you're sure to enjoy.


Whenever it comes to nail styles, autumn styles cannot be beat. Whether you like Halloween or Thanksgiving, you can showcase fall colors, add a touch of glitter, or even add speckle to some shades. You can also draw on your designs, like checkerboards and tortoises, or try out winter patterns, as well.

We are here to assist you in trying different types of fall design. We offer affordable salon-quality nail polish designs to help you achieve a salon-quality manicure from the comfort of your own home. You can download our nail dip kits and guides today to create your own seasonal nail design.

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