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12 Beautiful Coffin Nails Ideas To Inspire You

12 Beautiful Coffin Nails Ideas To Inspire You

Coffin nails have become one of the latest trends, and it s not hard to see why they are so popular. They're stylish, elegant, and customizable to your personal style. Whether you're looking for a professional design or you want to stand out with your next manicure, a coffin nail design is the way to go.

When you're ready to design that next unique nail design for yourself, turn to us. We're the team you can fully depend on for anything from cuticle care to easy to use nail dip kits and all the equipment you need for a strong, beautiful manicure every time. Create a stunning coffin-style look with us.

Coffin Nail Designs

Coffin nails resemble coffins because they both taper at their tips and arrive at a flat tip. The more elegant and dramatic design gives them their name, ballerina nails.

Coffin nails are one of the longer nails you can find, and therefore a fantastic option for designs or decals. Try one of these different looks the next time you use your coffin nail.

1. ‘70s waves 

One of the more prominent retro fashions making a comeback is the bold, zig-zag pattern that is reminiscent of the 70s. Look at a few of your favorite colors, and create an impressive wavy design on all of your nails using thick and thin lines. This gives your nails a bit of movement and the bright colors of the 70s add something special to every look.

2. Geometric 

Coffin nails are ideal to work with geometric shapes, because they have straight lines. Draw triangles along the outsides of nails, incorporate triangles of different lengths, or create a pattern that changes and moves across the entire nail set. Select neutral colors for a subtle style, or make your nails look outstanding with dark or light polishes.

3. Marble 

Marble patterns are always fashionable, prestigious, and distinctly unique. Coffin nails are ideal because they provide room for deep looks and intricate patterns. Marble nails look great in neutrals, but you can also add your favorite colors for a brighter manicure. If you like to make your look stand out, add a little gold flake or sparkle for a true marble design.

4. Matte 

One style that always looks professional and put together is the matte texture. It's smooth and flat, rather than the shiny, glossy texture of traditional nail polish. You can find matte polish in a wide range of colors, so you can wear it for different occasions and match it with all the different looks in your wardrobe.

5. Neon tips

Coffin nails are great for standing out since they've got thick, flat tops. And in terms of standing out, you can't go wrong with neon tips. Style classic French tip styles along the surface of the highest area of your coffin nails, try out curved designs, or go for extremely thin edges. Choose your favorite neon shade or choose a complete set of bright and bold designs.

6. Holiday Nails 

Are you fond of dressing up for the holidays? Your nails can help to make the look extra special. Coffin nails are larger, which makes them a good choice for holiday designs, like snowmen and candy canes for winter, hearts, and arrows for Valentine's Day, or even fireworks for the Fourth of July.

7. Flames 

Coffin nail designs are unapologetic, which means you can certainly elect for unapologetic designs or patterns and what's better than flames? Try flames with an explicit structure, against black, or with your most favorite color details. Flames also look great as accent nails, to add just a little extra something to your design.

8. Cow Print 

A fan of manicures who loves a bit of fun will appreciate cow print. Cow print is an animal animal print, but it doesn't get used as frequently as leopard and zebra prints. It comes in a color with lots of options, making it a wonderful accent nail. You can even try out crosshatching patterns to create your next finished product.

9. Checkerboard

Coffin nails exemplify geometric shapes and lines and are great with checkerboard and gingham patterns. Opt for a harlequin design, plaid, buffalo print, or a classic black-and-white check design. These will work with accent nails, holiday nail sets, vintage vibes, and other designs.

10. Florals 

Florals are a classic nail design because of their larger canvas, and the larger coffin nails used enable you to make greater designs and patterns. Try out blossoms, sunflowers, roses, and much more. The flower can be huge and at the center of the nail, or you can make a pattern that really stands out from your favorite base coloring.

11. Ombre 

Light-based ombre nails have a design whereby they change color in consideration of the sunlight. This design gives nails a fluid effect, making them appear to move and dance, and giving the design an elegant, elevated look. To generate a lovely ombre look, you can apply matte, metallic, or glitter colors.

12. Decals and Gems 

An additional way to improve your coffin nail design is with stickers and gems. There are various stickers, gems, and designs that can be used to make your coffin nail design unique. Use yours at the tip of your nail or decorate them together with your lava lamp, snow effect, or floral nail design. The extra shine will make your manicure stand out.


The fact that coffin names are a favorite among manicure enthusiasts is unsurprising. They're long and elegant and offer a large enough surface to work with if you're interested in creating unique designs and patterns. Just check out gives the impression of vintage waves, flames, and cow-print. You can also decorate your coffin nails for the holidays every year.

We will once again be capable of helping you find a look you'll love every time you try a customized dip manicure. We make it easy to acclimate to a dip manicure, and we are sharing our favorite looks for all nail shapes and types of polish, regardless of what your preference might be.

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